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Key differentiators & advantages of Datorama

  • Single Cohesive Data Warehouse: Draws data from a variety of different sources and marketing channels into a single source. This dynamic landing zone applies machine-learning algorithms to the data in order to blend, clean, analyze and visualize it.
  • Quick Insights: Automated insights take real-time data and generate quick, accurate visualizations to help users draw insights into their business data and trends.
  • End-to-End Platform: From unstructured data source to intuitive visualization, this system does every step in a smooth interface to promote usability and an efficient workflow.
  • Data Accessibility: Users of all technical abilities have access to their data via self-service BI. They no longer have to wait for analysis from a data scientist before they can start drawing insights from their business data.
  • Cross-Channel Visibility: Draws data from a variety of sources and blends them seamlessly to give users a smooth experience in which to explore their data. Some of these channels include sales data, CRM data, social media, data warehouses and more.
  • Actionable Insights: Users can analyze data to identify trends and patterns. Then they can use them to make predictions, get better insight into their business operations and glean actionable insights.
  • Better Business Decisions: Decisions made based on general data are good, but decisions made based on historical proprietary data trends are much better. BI tools help users make data-driven business decisions and informed predictions, so they can always feel confident in their choices.

Industry Expertise

Specializes in business intelligence for the marketing, investment and sales industries.

Key Features

  • Reports: Users can generate a variety of ad-hoc or custom report types to answer specific business questions.
  • Dashboards: Intuitive dashboards make it easy to create, edit, explore, and share data visualizations and reports.
  • Data Modeling: This feature connects and blends data from a variety of sources into a single data warehouse that is easily accessible by users.
  • API Library: An extensive library of marketing APIs allow users to access and make changes to their applications and data. These create an ad tech and martech ecosystem that lets users plug data from any connected source directly into a visualization.
  • Data Integration: TotalConnect powers limitless integration through machine learning artificial intelligence. It cleans and structures data in addition to scheduling automated updates to make sure data is always up to date.
  • Custom KPIs: Custom fields and classifications allow users to query the exact information they need rather than relying on out-of-the-box options.

Datorama Suite Support

Depending on the severity of the issue, support will prioritize user tickets. Critical errors (data corruption, platform availability and system crashes) warrant a response time of less than one business hour. High priority problems (malfunctioning essential component of the platform or a critical defect with a workaround) may take up to two business hours. Support will respond to medium priority issues that do not seriously affect business operation within 24 business hours and low priority issues that barely impact usability within 72 business hours.

Support does not include assistance with:

  • Passwords
  • Username
  • Lockouts due to incorrect login attempts
  • Developing user-specific customizations
  • Non-Datorama services, products or technologies, including implementation, administration, or use of third-party applications
  • AppExchange applications
  • Installation or configuration of hardware

mail_outlineEmail: Users can email support during regular local business hours at [email protected]
phonePhone: Users cannot call support directly. To submit a request, they should log into their user account and open a ticket.
schoolTraining: Users can access a library of resources to self-train on this platform. The parent company, Salesforce, offers a selection of webinars to help train users on individual modules.
local_offerTickets: To submit a ticket, users must log in to their user accounts. They can click on “Help and Support” to begin the ticket logging process.

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