Benefits and Insights

Why use CorVu?

Key differentiators & advantages of CorVu

  • Boost Business Performance: CorVu streamlines the collection and analysis of data with an automated, streamlined reporting process, ensuring that users always have the most updated, accurate information.
  • Improve Decision Making: Users can speed up their critical business decision-making by utilizing holistic data visibility, real-time updates and easy-to-understand data visualizations that convey insights clearly and quickly.
  • Proactive Risk Management: Users can improve business efficiency with a solution that actively monitors and manages potential risks and models risk scenarios, allowing users to anticipate and analyze future possibilities.
  • Ease of Use: The suite allows for users of all technical literacy levels to engage with insights and access ad-hoc reporting functionality, with or without programming knowledge.
  • Analyze Budgeting Effects: Users can optimize their planning and budgeting processes, allowing decision makers to focus more time and resources on analyzing their finances rather than checking numbers. 
  • Dig Deeper: Users can not only view KPIs but find the root causes that need action by drilling down into their data points or analyzing the potential what-if scenarios to help plan better for the future.
  • Security: Users can secure and protect their data, ensuring that only those granted specific access can view and interact with private information. The system ensures enterprise-wide visibility and security over data. 
  • Anywhere, Anytime Access: CorVu gives everyone in an organization the ability to view dashboards even on-the-go, with support for all computer operating systems and applications for both iOS and Android mobile devices. 

Industry Expertise

Rocket Software serves customers in many industries, including the financial sector, public sector, government, industrial and manufacturing, technology, telecommunications, healthcare, hospitality and travel, education, retail and more.

Key Features

  • Gain BI from Unstructured Text: CorVu can extract and analyze data that lives in unstructured, text-based documents, adding more than just numbers to the collective business intelligence of a company.
  • Customizable Dashboards: Users can tailor the look and content of their dashboards and reports for specific readers, allowing for personalized and targeted BI through data visualizations that present information in many different, interactive ways.
  • Real-Time Updates: The solution provides users with up-to-the-minute data, with fresh information drawn and analyzed in real-time from sources across the enterprise, without the use of a data warehouse.
  • Self-Service Reporting: The solution allows non-technical users to reuse existing reports or build their own customized reporting solutions with a simple drag-and-drop process. 
  • Deep Drill-Downs: Users can dig deeper to get as granular a view as they need of their data, tracking any performance metric down to the root cause, instead of just seeing a birds-eye view. Embeddable Analytics: Users can both directly incorporate content from outside sources and embed CorVu dashboards within web pages and third party web applications.
  • User Permissions: Users can control others’ access to data with governing rules that allow them to limit the number or the type of queries that can be submitted. The system also tracks usage of all elements, enabling audits by user, query, report or dashboard.
  • Geographic Context: Users can understand their insights with location-based intelligence, with support for geospatial maps that allow them to chart business data on global surfaces.
  • Integrations: CorVu NG can leverage third party content and documents into its dashboards with ease, as well as natively integrate with other CorVu modules to bring all data together seamlessly.
  • Share Insights: Users can share dashboards in a multitude of accessible ways, including PDFs or websites, so that non-CorVu users, including sales reps, customers and stakeholders, can gain insight from data.

CorVu Suite Support

mail_outlineEmail: Users can send an email to the support team by filling out a contact form on the Rocket Software website’s support page.
phonePhone: Users can call 1-855-577-4323 toll-free or 1-781-577-4323 for support in the United States. Support phone numbers for users in other regions can be found on the Rocket Software website.
schoolTraining: While Rocket Software offered structured training courses for CorVu in 2017, it is not clear whether or not they still offer them. Courses may be available through certified partners who deliver instructor-led classes. For more information, interested parties can email [email protected] or call 1-855-577-4323.
local_offerTickets: There is no information on the Rocket Software website about whether or not users can submit support tickets or how to do so. Users may be able to submit tickets after logging in to the support portal and should email the vendor for more information.
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