Benefits and Insights

Why use Cloudera?

Key differentiators & advantages of Cloudera

  • Provides Data-Driven Insights: Cloudera helps users make data-informed business decisions that boost efficiency, decrease risk and provide new insights. It features the data discovery, analysis and interpretation tools necessary for businesses to make the right choices with confidence.
  • Industrialized AI: The platform takes an “AI factory” approach to BI and makes enterprise machine learning and artificial intelligence processes automated, repeatable and predictable, speeding up the time needed to go from numbers to outcomes.
  • Eliminates Silos: The unified platform moves organizations away from costly and inefficient data silos by performing a range of data analysis tasks simultaneously on the same data, right at the source. With a single data management platform, Cloudera speeds the data discovery process and improves productivity for the organization as a whole.
  • Capitalize on the Wealth of IoT: Cloudera contributes to overall business transparency by processing and integrating data from a huge reservoir of devices connected to the Internet of Things. The platform connects the information from these devices to its AI, which can monitor performance in real-time, identify areas for improvement, reduce machine failure and improve overall ROI.
  • Secure by Design: The public cloud architecture is designed to set up encryption across environments, ensuring consistent protocols and granular security policies across the platform. Built-in enterprise-grade auditing and lineage tracking capabilities provide comprehensive data governance to organizations.
  • Maximizes Interoperability: With its 100% open-source architecture, Cloudera ensures its compatibility with all vendors and unlocks additional possibilities for enterprises. 
  • Deployable Anywhere: Immune to the cloud infrastructure battle, Cloudera provides a single data management platform portable and flexible enough to move to and from the cloud as necessary. This helps users safeguard and future-proof their investment in BI.
  • Scalability: Users can manage cloud costs and scale resources automatically as workloads increase, or scale down as demand falls, utilizing and paying for exactly how much they need.
  • Protects Your Business: As an enterprise-grade cloud solution, Cloudera offers advanced behavior analytics, quick anomaly detection and visibility into every dimension of your enterprise. It provides both time-series and real-time threat analytics to keep your data protected at all times.
  • Free Trial: Users can access a free 60-day trial of Cloudera Enterprise and many of its modules from the vendor’s website.

Industry Expertise

Cloudera is an excellent match for organizations in almost any industry. Their customers include leaders in financial services, telecommunications, the public sector, healthcare, technology, manufacturing, insurance, retail, energy and utilities and education.

Key Features

  • Data Science Workbench: Using machine learning, this collaborative module lets users experiment with data, share research between teams and consistently get to production without having to recode. This unified workflow allows users to create and deploy custom machine learning models and reproduce them confidently.
  • Real-Time Streaming Analytics: With edge-to-enterprise governance, Cloudera DataFlow continuously ingests, prioritizes and analyzes data for actionable insights in real-time. Scalable, users can develop workflows to move data from on-premises to the cloud or vice-versa and monitor edge applications and streaming sources.
  • Machine Learning: Cloudera enables enterprise data science in the cloud with self-service access to governed data. It deploys machine learning workspaces with adjustable auto-suspending resource consumption guardrails that can provide end-to-end machine learning tools in one cohesive environment.
  • Data Warehouse: This feature merges data from unstructured, structured and edge sources. The auto-scaling data warehouse returns queries almost instantly and has an optimized infrastructure that moves workloads across platforms to prepare vast amounts of data for analyzing.
  • Operational Database: The operational DB promises both high concurrency and low latency, processing large loads of data simultaneously without delay. It can extract real-time insights and enable scalable data-driven applications.
  • Open-Source Platform: Unlike many analytics platforms, users can access the Apache-based source code for the program and make their own adjustments, customizations and updates as they see fit.
  • Data Security and Governance: Users can reduce risk by setting data security and governance policies. The Cloudera Shared Data Experience (SDX) then automatically enforces these protocols across the entire platform, ensuring sensitive information consistently remains secure without disruption to business processes.
  • Hybrid Deployment: The solution gives users deployment flexibility and accessibility to work on the data they want wherever it lives. It can read and write directly to cloud or on-premises storage environments and its hybrid cloud-based architecture means that users can choose between a PaaS offering or opt for more control via IaaS, private cloud, multi-cloud or on-premises deployment.

Cloudera Suite Support

The solution comes with basic Cloudera Enterprise support which gives users access to a global 24/7 team of front-end and back-end support employees. Users also can utilize Cloudera’s predictive support engine that solves potential issues before they occur, based on over 200 TB of data. There is also an active community forum where users can ask questions and view answers to other users’ inquiries, as well as useful articles.

Cloudera also offers Premier and Premier Plus support plans, which provide an enhanced support experience. Subscribers will receive assistance, remote or on-site, from a premier support engineer who is trained in customer context to proactively solve issues. In addition, Premier Support offers education sessions, technical deep dives, prioritized case resolution, critical milestone planning and regular reviews.

In addition to support plans, users can also choose to subscribe to Cloudera Operational Services or Professional Services, which personally assist customers in maximizing the value of their investment by managing and monitoring their environments around the clock, as well as streamlining deployment and implementation.

mail_outlineEmail: Users cannot email support directly and should go to their MySupport page to open a ticket.
phonePhone: While Cloudera encourages users to contact support by filing an online case, users can also reach support by phone if needed. Users can view the domestic and international support phone numbers by logging into their MySupport page.
schoolTraining: Cloudera offers different educational services in a dynamic training curriculum. Users can access free online training courses as well as paid courses that can be taken online, privately, in a classroom or in a virtual classroom. Cloudera also offers three-day instructor-led role-based training workshops in various locations around the world.
local_offerTickets: Users can log in to their MySupport Portal and follow the prompts to open a technical support case. Before logging a ticket, users are encouraged to search the vast knowledge base for forums, blogs, videos and other documentation that might resolve their issue quickly and easily.

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