Benefits and Insights

Why use ClicData?

Key differentiators & advantages of ClicData

  • All Your Data in One Place: ClicData combines and cleans users’ data to create a comprehensive data warehouse that is faster to access and maintains a more consistent database.
  • Better Data Stories: Users can control how their dashboards look and the navigation and presentation of data. Users can create visualizations that work exactly the way they want and convey their information quickly and effectively.
  • Ease of Use: Users can drag and drop data, making it possible to create and share a dashboard in minutes, no IT experience needed.
  • Integration: With over 250 connectors, ClicData allows users to add new data sources when they change or upgrade their ERP or CRM and keep their data flowing.
  • More Efficient Insights: The software automatically updates dashboards whenever data is updated. Users can also set up automated reporting schedules and alerts, saving users time.
  • Regular Updates: ClicData routinely adds new features and improvements, such as additional widgets and connectors.
  • Reporting on the Go: Users can access their dashboards on the web or through ClicData’s mobile applications, ensuring their reports are always right in their pockets.
  • Data Security: ClicData ensures top-notch security and encryption for business data through Microsoft Azure, with a wide toolbelt of authentication and protection solutions in place that are all aligned to security and privacy regulations
  • Free Trial: ClicData offers a full-featured free trial of the Premium or Team application for 15 days, no credit card required.

Industry Expertise

ClicData provides a business intelligence solution for companies in all industries, including marketing, retail, consulting services, healthcare, software development, hospitality, the public sector and sales.

Key Features

  • Data Connectors: ClicData connects to over 250 data sources, both on-premise and online, such as Google Drive and Google Analytics, QuickBooks, Shopify, SQL, Salesforce, Hubspot, SugarCRM and more. ClicData has a full list of all compatible data connectors on its website, sorted by plan availability.
  • Data Warehouse: ClicData consolidates all data into one centralized data warehouse, bypassing exports and imports.
  • Dashboard Designer: Users can drag and drop to transform data into insights. The designer features an extensive library of visualization widgets.
  • Interactive Dashboards: Users can filter information by clicking KPIs. Users can also drill down into any data set to retrieve further insights.
  • Auto Refresh: ClicData monitors all data sources and automatically refreshes dashboards when data is added, deleted or updated.
  • Branding Customization: Users of certain plans can customize logos and colors, controlling the look and feel of their dashboards for a cohesive branding identity.
  • Sharing: Users can share their dashboards with others via email as PDF or image attachments or Live Links.
  • User Management: It can add and maintain users. Admins can control access rights and visibility of dashboards so that users focus on the insights that are most relevant.
  • Predictive Analytics: Though it lacks native predictive analytics capabilities, the solution integrates with machine learning platforms such as and to provide users with the option to use those algorithms with ClicData.
  • White Label: Users can embed dashboards into their customer-facing solutions and remove ClicData branding, adding extra functionality to their existing website or application with a copy-and-paste API code.
  • Security: With capabilities such as two-factor authentication, single sign-on, session tracking, IP white listing, password rules and intelligent log analysis, users can ensure all their data is safe and secure.
  • Mobile Apps: ClicData offers iOS and Android applications that display responsive live dashboards, which users can explore, export to PDF, send via email, print and more from their mobile devices.

ClicData Suite Support

ClicData offers two different support options: self-service and full-service. Support options also vary from plan to plan.

mail_outlineEmail: Users of all subscription tiers can email [email protected] to receive support. Team, Enterprise and Dedicated plan subscribers also have the option to chat directly with a professional support team from within the application.
phonePhone: Phone and screen share support is available for subscribers of the Team, Enterprise and Dedicated plans.
schoolTraining: ClicData offers many free resources in their support center, such as a Getting Started guide, interactive online tutorials, a YouTube channel of how-to videos, an FAQ, regular webinars and an online searchable help document. More extensive training is available by booking a private consultation through full-service support with an experienced product specialist or dedicated BI manager.
local_offerTickets: Users of all subscription tiers can submit and track the status of their tickets from the support system in the ClicData platform.

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