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Easy Data Connection: The product ensures that users can connect their data in a simple manner in one secure place regardless of their format so that later user can access and work on it.
Automation: The product provides Automated data sources merges and transformations. One just has to set it up once.
Create Dashboards Easily: Product's fast and easy dashboard creation process enables organizing all relevant data of the user while delivering instant results.
Collaborate & Share: The product ensures clear workflow without multiple file versions. One can collaborate and share with their colleagues easily in just one click.
Easy Access: One can access their business from anywhere through their laptop, tablet or mobile phone.
Visualization and Ease of Use: The products offer a user to visualize and explore data to spot trends and outliers. It is able to visually represent data in a user-friendly way. Additionally, it's pretty easy to use.
Support: The product's customer support team is friendly and efficient and always eager to help whenever their service is needed.

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