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Why use Chartio?

Key differentiators & advantages of Chartio

  • Make Data Accessible to All: Chartio unlocks data analysis for users of all technical skill levels through an intuitive interface, interactive dashboards and a free self-learning library of resources to help everyone in an organization do-it-yourself without having to rely on analysts or engineers.
  • Get Connected in Minutes: Users can connect to unlimited sources within minutes and have the platform visualizing data for them within hours. 
  • Empower Data Teams: Analysts with technical knowledge can focus their time and efforts on building complex models and writing scripts instead of pulling basic reports for their managers. 
  • Speedy SQL: With the visual SQL interface, users can write and edit queries faster than by manual input and set up repeatable workflows to speed up analysis, resulting in accelerated time to insight.
  • Improve Collaboration: The platform fosters teamwork around data by allowing users to chat on dashboards, easily embed or send insights that are designed to be shared with others and spark conversations to align teams and clarify goals.
  • Security: Chartio is built with security in mind at every step, with SOC 2, HIPAA, Privacy Shield and GDPR certifications. It encrypts all data at rest and in flight, using industry-standard HTTPS to keep data safe and secure. Administrators can manage data access through secure login with Google Apps, SAML compatibility and role-based permissions for granular control. 
  • Scalability: Flexible enough to draw, blend and analyze data from wherever it lives, Chartio can connect to as many sources as needed as a company grows. Its pricing model allows for organizations to scale up or down as necessary and pay for exactly what they will use.
  • Expert Support: Users can take advantage of an abundance of resources available both on Chartio’s website and through their support team, with extensive documentation and on-demand training sessions.
  • Free Trial: Those interested in trying the platform can sign up for a 14-day free trial on Chartio’s website. 

Industry Expertise

Chartio is an industry leader and is utilized by organizations in all sectors. Chartio’s clients include businesses in marketing, operations, product management, sales operations and more.

Key Features

  • Data Connectivity: Chartio integrates directly with most major sources, including Amazon Redshift, Google BigQuery, Google Sheets, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Snowflake, Amazon Athena, Amazon Aurora, Amazon RDS, CSV file uploads, Microsoft Azure, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle and more. Databases remain secure as the solution maintains read-only access either through direct, encrypted cloud connections or SSH tunneled connections to cloud, hybrid or on-premise environments.
  • Data Blending: The solution draws data from multiple data sources to a single central database without altering the source data.
  • Visual SQL: The main differentiator of the solution, its Visual SQL mode lets anyone have the power of an analyst by putting queries in their hands with an intuitive drag-and-drop interface. No coding necessary, users can explore, transform and visualize data. While making data analysis accessible to business users, the platform also makes complex SQL analysis easier for pro users, who can toggle to the raw text-based SQL editor at any point.
  • Data Visualizations: The solution builds visually appealing charts and graphics that help users identify trends, patterns and outliers within their datasets. Users can customize their visualizations to look exactly the way they want, with chart types including area charts, bubble maps, bar charts, line charts, maps, pie charts, funnel charts, scatter plots, tables and more. 
  • Auto Chart Wand: By clicking a wand icon, users can allow the platform to auto-select the most suitable chart type for their data.
  • Customizable Dashboards: Users can build interactive dashboards that provide the perfect portal for all their crucial metrics in one place. They can customize the layout and details of dashboards and can save these styles as custom themes for other team members to use, or select from a variety of pre-set options.
  • Intuitive Data Exploration: Users can hover over charts to explore metrics, click on charts to drill down into filters and scroll around their dashboard to engage with visualizations. The platform encourages users to dig deeper with slice and dice filters, sorting options and search capabilities. 
  • Snapshots: Users can travel through time with Chartio’s Snapshots feature to review historical data. The system automatically saves a PDF copy of selected dashboards at pre-set daily times, allowing users to track how their metrics have changed and to save information, keeping accurate records for audits.
  • Comment on Dashboards: Users can invite teammates to join their dashboards and control their level of editing access. Inline commenting and mention tagging allows users to discuss insights, give and receive feedback, or request help without leaving the dashboards. Email notifications and in-app alerts help commenters stay informed of new replies and mentions, keeping everyone in the loop.
  • Sharing Options: A real-time interactive version of a dashboard can be embedded into other applications or sites with a customizable code snippet. Dashboards can also be shared via scheduled email alerts or downloaded in various file formats like PDF, PNG or SVG for optimal sharing and collaboration. Users can also connect their Chartio account to Slack and share insights directly to team channels or conversations.
  • Alerts: Users can schedule a query to run at designated intervals and if the value returned meets a specified threshold, the platform will send an email alert. Users can email these alerts to anyone, whether or not they’re a Chartio user, and alerts can be integrated with third-party automation software or Slack. 
  • Permissions: Administrators can set up teams for each department — for example, sales, marketing, support, etc. — and assign permissions for dashboards and data sources to users as a group. Users can manage permissions on an even more granular level, down to a per-user basis.


  • Pricing can be expensive, depending on company size.
  • Data can be slow to load when refreshing dashboards.
  • No advanced scripting integration i.e. Python, R
  • No native mobile app as of April 2020
*as of 4/21/2020

Chartio Suite Support

All users have access to email support. Subscribers to the Growth plan receive access to chat support additionally, while Premium subscribers also are assigned a dedicated technical Data Advisor who provides guidance on best practices, as well as personalized onboarding and training support.
mail_outlineEmail: Users may request technical support by emailing [email protected]
phonePhone: Users cannot call support directly. Subscribers to the Growth plan and above can live chat with a representative from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. PST in the Chartio app or on the website.
schoolTraining: Users have access to tutorials, a blog, detailed documentation, a free library of web books from the Data School, live events and bi-monthly webinars, various whitepapers and more on the Chartio website. Chartio additionally offers on-demand personal training, where users can schedule a 30-minute working session with a member of Chartio’s customer success team. They can also receive personal assistance from other customers and experts in the community Slack channel or schedule a free one-on-one consultation for help with specific issues.

In addition to these resources, Chartio offers in-person office hours on Thursday afternoons from 1-3 p.m. at their headquarters in San Francisco for face-to-face discussion. Users may sign up for office hours through a form on Chartio’s website.
local_offerTickets: Before reaching out to support, users should search the help center for documentation related to their query. The search function explores the resource library for answers to the issue and often provides a solution without further steps. If no resolution is available, users can log in to their account and open a support case. Users can also chat or email support to begin a case.

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