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BITeamwork allows anyone on your team – from IT to the CEO – to use your company’s data to tell the story they want to tell. Features include:

  • Inline Cell Comments: Provide visible and editable comments for any pivot table or standard table report.
  • Annotation: Give notes and feedback on comments, solicit replies to comments, and more.
  • Secure Comments: Restrict comments to certain groups, users, or application roles.
  • Recognition and Reward: Users can vote on and “like” comments to help provide insight to the questions at hand.
  • CRM and Social Networking: Boost productivity and form a cohesive connection between the two enterprise investments.
  • Aggregate and Export: Use context sensitivity to summarize comments across business units, scenarios, and business functions, gain insight, and either export or consume for your existing MBR and QBR style of reporting.
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