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Key differentiators & advantages of BI Office

  • Self-Service Advanced Analytics: Tap into the real power of BI. Access sophisticated functionality with intuitive, wizard-based controls. 
  • Easy Interactive Dashboards: Dashboards empowers every user to build beautiful, simple, drag-and-drop, slice and dice dashboards that tell a story. 
  • Use Your Data to Tell a Compelling Story: With Publisher, grids, charts, maps and other items can be dropped onto the page. Descriptive text can dynamically flow around objects to get the exact format you want. 
  • Natively Connect to Your Data: BI Office provides a flexible, easy, wizard-like interface that enables you to safely blend your own data with other data sources using the centralized power of servers rather than your desktop. Quickly and easily access, integrate, publish, and analyze your data models from multiple sources and databases—from SQL databases and Excel spreadsheets to Big Data Hadoop nodes. 
  • See Your Data in Action: Visualizations are the key to uncovering new patterns and insights in your data. BI Office offers advanced, interactive, and context-sensitive visual analytic capabilities to make the data discovery process easier, more intuitive and fully self-driven—right from your browser. 
  • Collaborative BI Leads to Higher Success: People have embraced social networking applications and thread-based discussions to communicate and share ideas and insights. BI Office includes social connectivity for people to share and collaborate on their data projects and business analytics.  
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