Benefits and Insights

Why use Babelfish BI?

Key differentiators & advantages of Babelfish BI

  • Query With Natural Speech: Users perform queries of their data by utilizing natural query language (NQL) rather than through complex code. Employees of any technical skill level can query the system, bypassing the need for data analysts.
  • Gain Insights From Graphics: Once users have input a query or created a filter, the solution returns relevant data in a web chart of interconnected data points. This helps users find patterns in the data and understand how data points relate to each other.
  • Discover Real-Time Relationships in Data: The solution offers dynamic weighing of symbolic codes, which can change or activate the associated states of the data. Users have access to real-time updates as the system refreshes so they’re always up-to-date.
  • Get Automated Reports Fast: The lack of coding, along with real-time data, provides faster-than-ever access to data and allows users to create reports, pin those reports to dashboards and collaborate with other users in record time. Users can set recurring reports to generate automatically based on time, triggers or other customized settings.
  • Predict Customer Behavior: By tracking customer actions, demographics and preferences, the solution facilitates better understanding and targeting of customers. It can reduce abandonment rates, decrease churn and improve attrition, benefiting both customer loyalty and an organization’s bottom line.
  • Optimize Post-Purchase Stage: The solution offers in-depth analysis for cross- and up-selling by auto-suggesting recommended products. It also assists marketers in identifying the best products to bundle to find the most effective combinations for different customer cohorts.
  • Make Strategic Marketing Decisions: By analyzing customer behavior, abandonment rates, churn and other key metrics with Babelfish, users can better strategize and create informed marketing campaigns based on data.

Industry Expertise

Babelfish specializes in organizations that sell products or services. It provides sales and marketing intelligence for a variety of sales industries.

Key Features

  • Knowledge Graph: The declarative graph feature helps users connect information and draw multi-dimensional insight from a range of data sources. It generates a web-like chart of expenses, products, customer demographics — whatever the user needs.
  • Inference Engine: Using the knowledge graph, the system identifies patterns and trends within the data to infer insights from explicit symbolic templates. It converts data into a string of alphanumeric codes that help its algorithm identify relationships between data points.
  • Data Integration: The system is easy to plug directly into existing data environments through data tagging, preparation and access control. It then extracts data strings that match each user query based on context and semantic roles. The solution captures data and automatically weights it according to predefined associated states to form dynamic data strings.
  • Pre- and Post-Purchase Optimization: The system offers a range of features including product recommendation, product bundling, campaign insights, and sales funnel management. This helps users optimize their sales funnel before customers make a purchase as well as retain customers after they’ve made their purchase.
  • Filtered Search: Users can filter search results using NQL to parse data in an intuitive way without complex coding.
  • Data Visualizations: Queries return information in accessible graphical representations of data that make it easy for users to identify trends and dive into the information.

Babelfish Suite Support

mail_outlineEmail: Users can email [email protected] for customer support.
phonePhone: To receive phone support, users should call +91 98450 03507.
schoolTraining: No training resources are currently offered.
local_offerTickets: To submit a ticket, users can email, call, live chat with a representative in the chat window or submit a message through the web form at the bottom of the website homepage.
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