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Why use Altmetric?

Key differentiators & advantages of Altmetric

  • Showcases Research Reach: Altmetrics are a type of qualitative data that can be analyzed alongside traditional metrics to help users understand how far their published content has traveled; who is reading, citing or sharing it; and where those readers are engaging with the content.
  • Helps Users Understand Impact: In addition to showing the basics of where pieces are being shared, it also lays out how that research may be influencing the discussion in a field. If a piece of published research makes waves into the larger community, the solution takes that into account when generating the attention score and can help users identify the sources of this change.
  • Breaks Down Sources of Attention: The Altmetric Donut visualization helps users understand which sources are giving their pieces the most attention. This intuitive data visualization helps users understand where each piece is successful and where it might need additional attention.
  • Works More Quickly Than Traditional Data Analysis: Because altmetrics are so highly specialized for published content with a heavy focus on research, and because the Altmetric platform draws data from all over the web rather than only from print sources, it can gather and analyze data much more quickly than traditional metrics that rely only on citations. It is also possible for users to begin collecting this data as soon as the article is published online rather than being forced to wait until the journal is distributed.
  • Captures Diverse Data From Diverse Sources: Tying into the features mentioned above, altmetrics come from a wide range of data sources to help give users a more holistic understanding of the reach of their research. Some of the sources that users can analyze include public policy documents, blogs, media outlets, citations, reference managers, research highlights, peer-reviewed post-publication platforms, social media, Wikipedia, patents, the Open Syllabus Project and multimedia platforms like YouTube or Reddit.
  • Scores Piece Performance: The system generates a weighted approximation, called an attention score, of all traffic and attention a piece receives over different sources. This number is easy to compare to other pieces so users can identify well-performing pieces in order to better generate interest in less popular ones. These scores update automatically as mentions are added, deleted, shared, etc.
  • Monitors User Reputation: For scholarly researchers, reputation is everything. The solution helps users gain insight into the conversation around individual works, making it easier to monitor usage and ensure research is not being misrepresented.

Industry Expertise

Altmetric specializes in analytics solutions for publishers, educational institutions, researchers, funders and R&D providers. It is designed for scholarly content and research pieces.

Key Features

  • Altmetric Donut: The easy-to-interpret data visualization called the Altmetric Donut is a graphical representation of the reach of a piece by attention source. It is broken down into different colors for different data sources, and the amount of each color in the donut represents the prevalence of that source in the overall attention. The number in the center is the Altmetric Attention Score, which we’ll discuss next.
  • Altmetric Attention Score: The attention score is a quick metric that gives users an idea of how a piece is performing overall. It takes into consideration the volume of people talking about a piece; the number of different sources mentioning the piece; and authors’ credibility, or how relevant the source of the attention is to the piece’s intended audience.
  • Comparison Insight: Users can compare performance between their own pieces or with competitors through the Explorer database. This database offers access to attention data from millions of research sources, allowing users to perform accurate comparisons and benchmarks on content.
  • Search, Summary and Visualization Tools: The platform offers in-depth search capabilities that allow users to search for articles in the database, filter by a range of qualifiers and customize the identifiers used to track their content. In addition to the Donut feature, the solution offers a “Highlights” tab that collects and summarizes data into intuitive visualizations for a given search query.
  • Audience Breakdown: The system offers insight into who is reading individual pieces of content by providing visibility into audience demographics. Users can break down attention into preferred channels, audience type and other features.
  • Trend Identification: Users can perform horizontal scanning to identify emerging patterns in the topics and conversation surrounding a published work, subject or field on both micro and macro levels.
  • Publication Management: The overarching analytics make it easy for users to make data-informed decisions based on historical and field-specific data. This helps improve ROI, support marketing efforts and encourage intentional publishing.

Altmetric Suite Support

mail_outlineEmail: Users can email support at [email protected]
phonePhone: Users cannot call Altmetric directly and should search the knowledgebase before submitting a support ticket.
schoolTraining: Altmetric’s resources and training page offers many guides and manuals to help users get started with the solution. An extensive knowledgebase provides literature on a variety of subjects, offers materials to help answer client questions and connects users with each other to encourage customers to seek answers before contacting support.
local_offerTickets: If no answer can be found using the knowledgebase, users can sign into their account to submit a service ticket.
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