Benefits and Insights

Why use Active Intelligence Visualization?

Key differentiators & advantages of Active Intelligence Visualization

AIS is feature rich, but here is a list of just a selection:
  • Interactive Dashboards with click through features.
  • Securely schedule and deploy BIRT, Pentaho and Jasper reports.
  • Build OLAP cubes to analyse data instantly.
  • End users can easily create complex reports using AIS Self-Service BI.
  • Collaborate securely with users using instant and dynamic messaging.
  • Secure access control including LDAP and Active Directory integration support.
  • Internationalization support, including Arabic, Hindi, and Chinese.
  • Custom visualization - Extend your dashboard to include Google Maps, D3.js or Flot.
  • Audit and archive reports, dashboards and users to stay on top of regulatory requirements like GDPR.

Top Competitors & Alternatives

These are the products most often compared to Active Intelligence Visualization

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