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Why use Tableau Online?

Key differentiators & advantages of Tableau Online

  • Collaborate Through the Cloud: Because it is hosted fully in the cloud, Tableau is accessible any time, anywhere and from any mobile device. Users can publish their dashboards to a website or send them via email and invite collaborators to interact with them. These features can be accessed through an internet browser or mobile app.
  • Implement Quickly and Easily: You can skip the long setup that comes with an on-premise solution like Tableau Desktop and get started right away. Tableau Online can be ready to roll out in hours and doesn’t require you to configure servers, manage IT needs, implement upgrades or perform any other management tasks.
  • Perform Searches With NQL: To explore data, users can ask questions of the system in natural speech patterns and it will return answers in the form of a data visualization. It uses algorithms to automatically identify, profile and index data sources to make sure queries are only getting relevant data. This makes it easy for users without coding experience to query data and submit queries.
  • Discover Data-Informed Insights: Artificial intelligence and machine learning uncover trends or patterns in the data and then highlight it for analysts to explore. The platform uses statistical data models to guide this exploration and suggest insights that are easy to miss.
  • Explore Data: Users can drill down, filter, blend and interact with data through dashboards on the go. Users can customize their views to perform web editing or authoring and spark insights from anywhere. The solution’s selection of data connectors allows users to draw data from a wide variety of sources and perform live queries to get timely data.
  • Visualize Data to Make Decisions: Tableau turns data into intuitive graphical representations that guide users through the data to reach insights. The human mind is much more suited to interpreting visual data than numerical information, so this feature makes data easy to understand and act on.
  • Do it All in Real Time: Everything above is performed with very low wait times. Data can refresh manually or in real time on a set schedule to ensure all information is up to date, and users can share their insights and visualizations with others in seconds.
  • Simplify Deployment and Reduce Costs: Because the solution is cloud-hosted, all updates roll out automatically with user subscriptions, keeping the platform up to date for the same cost. This also means clients are not responsible for providing data security or maintaining an IT staff to troubleshoot issues.

Industry Expertise

Tableau offers a versatile suite of solutions that serve all industries, but it specializes in software, healthcare, financial services, recruiting, retail, higher education and more. The top regions served by Tableau are the U.S., France, the U.K., Canada, India and Australia.

Key Features

  • Dashboard Starters: These pre-built templates are designed to help users get used to the dashboard system and explore data within a template.
  • Smart Suggestions:The system suggests tables, joins, sources and visualizations that make the most sense as the next-best-action based on previous user behavior and patterns. The “show me” feature recommends a selection of best-fit visualizations for the dataset entered to help guide users to the best option for visualization.
  • Natural Language Query:The “ask data” feature allows users to ask questions of the system in natural speech patterns and get an instant response as a visualization.
  • Geo Visualization: This feature lets users view data geographically to better understand how it relates to other regions, gain location-based insights and improve transparency into business operations. Users can connect the solution to Google Maps for exact positioning or utilize the built-in geographic features to plot data on a map.
  • Collaboration:Tableau encourages data literacy by putting data in the hands of everyone at an organization rather than just data analysts. It promotes sharing and collaboration between as well as within departments, and it enables data-driven decision-making at every level.
  • Role-Based Security: Managers can set role-based access to individual dashboards or the system as a whole to ensure users can only view, edit and interact with dashboards they are cleared to access.
  • Embeddability: You can offer secure access to partners and clients by embedding the analytics capabilities into another software solution, website or hosting platform. This promotes a seamless user experience and improves adoption. It also streamlines the process of drawing data from the host platform.


Some of the product limitations include:

  • Tableau Server does not support data encryption
  • Does not provide multi-location support
  • The solution is not user-friendly, especially the report-builder
  • Does not allow users to share datasets, and requires a separate subscription package
  • Requires IT support for integrations and other high-end tasks. Users cannot do this using tutorials or self-help videos on their own

Tableau Online Suite Support

Access to Tableau’s standard support package is included in all subscriptions and is available for the duration of that subscription. If you’re looking for a little more, Tableau also offers extended and premium support programs that offer accelerated response times and options.

mail_outlineEmail: Users cannot email Tableau support directly, they must access their support account to process a ticket.
phonePhone: Premium support subscribers can login to their support account to get live phone support 24/7. Only priority 1 and 2 issues will be addressed over the phone.
schoolTraining: The knowledgebase offers free training videos, how-to guides, manuals and community forums for users struggling with a small issue or seeking training. Users can also schedule classroom training sessions, attend conferences and take e-learning courses through the site.
local_offerTickets: Before submitting a ticket, users should use the search feature on the support page to search the knowledgebase and see if their problem has been solved by any of the resources available there.

If users can’t find an article answering the issue, they should visit the “need help” section of the portal homepage and click either “product spport” or “license support.” Users will be prompted to type their question into a web form that will direct them through the knowledgebase to relevant resources.

If this step still doesn’t resolve the issue, they can click on “continue to create a case.” Filling out the required information in as much detail as possible ensures accurate priority flagging of the problem and correct support.

Cost of Ownership for Tableau

License/Subscription Cost Based on the number of users and user-licenses. Subscription costs allow users to access Tableau over a set time-frame both on-premise and through the cloud
Maintenance Cost

On-Premise: An additional cost over and above the upfront cost has to be paid for ongoing support and maintenance

Cloud-based/SaaS: There is no maintenance and support cost for the Cloud/Web-based solution

Installation/Implementation Cost

On-Premise: Typically charged over and above the license cost.

Cloud-based/SaaS: Included in the subscription cost

Customization Cost

Custom version cannot be requested - rather users can do limited customizations on their own, such as:

  • User can change the server name that appears in the browser tab, tooltips and messages
  • User can change the logos that appear in different server page contexts
  • User can control the language used for the server user interface and the locale used for views
  • Custom fonts can be installed for different clients
  • Administrators and project leaders can also add images to projects
Data Migration Cost/Change Management/Upfront Switching Cost

Data Migration is possible in Tableau Servers and can be done with the following tools:

  • Tabcmd Script
  • TabMigrate
  • Enterprise Deployment Tool by InterWorks
Recurring/Renewal Costs Renewal cost is equivalent to the fees paid annually based upon the number of users
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Tableau Online Reviews

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1000 - 2499
Our company is very satisfied with Tableau. We love the data visualizations that we are able to produce, and we are constantly upgrading our visuals as we learn new things to do with Tableau. And there are a lot of things to do with Tableau!
It took a long time to implement. The data modeling and joining capability are a little confusing and harder to follow than some of our previous solutions (SAP solutions).
There is very little that I could do with our old solution that can't be done with Tableau as well. Tableau has better display capability than our old solution. We are very satisfied with them!
5000 - 9999
Tableau is phenomenal at taking complex data sets and making them understandable to a wide audience. Built-in functionalities are easy to navigate and the "how-to" links and articles are stellar.
The biggest issue we've had with Tableau is the steep learning curve that comes with access to data fields previously unavailable. Because we are now more empowered to generate our own reporting versus our advancement team, there have been a fair amount of misunderstandings on database basics and etiquette, like naming conventions. This is not the fault of Tableau in any way but has soured some users with its complexity of options.
Tableau is a powerful and engaging tool in the right hands. I recommend purchasing the trainings available to front-load any new users, and their web version for published reports is fantastic once you have your data selected and narrowed.
Software / IT
Tableau allows for easy, automatically-updated visualizations of your business data. There are many features available to customize simple charts.
The software is expensive, and can be difficult to navigate for beginners. This is mostly geared toward data scientists or people intimately familiar with data science.
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