Benefits and Insights

Why use StreamAnalytix?

Key differentiators & advantages of StreamAnalytix

  • Take a New Use Case into Production Every Week - Building stream processing applications can be time consuming and complex. StreamAnalytix dramatically simplifies this process with a friendly UI and a rich set of pre-built operators. Developers can use the visual interface to configure and deploy new workflows in minutes with minimal custom coding required. Iterative development and test cycles are also simplified and easy.

  • Designed for Business Impact - StreamAnalytix offers pre-built application accelerators for such things as log monitoring and analytics, click-stream analytics, call-center analytics, social media analytics, and business activity monitoring. In addition, it provides predictive model libraries for data scientists and the ability to build custom visualizations easily which allow users to create powerful business solutions using a blend of streaming data with static data.

  • Abstraction Over Complex Technologies - Learning, integrating and working with Big Data technologies and putting them to the most efficient use can be a challenge. Mastering these may take several quarters to years even for experienced teams. StreamAnalytix abstracts this complexity and helps you focus on your business logic with the assurance that the underlying infrastructure simply works and is well tuned.

  • Minimize Proprietary Lock-in - While guaranteeing the same or better reliability and ease-of-use as popular proprietary products, StreamAnalytix lets enterprises leverage the power of best-of-breed Open Source technologies including Apache Storm, Spark Streaming, Hadoop, NoSQL and popular message queue products like Kafka.

  • Significantly Lower Cost - Enterprise software platforms are generally costly, and building solutions using "do-it-yourself" with Open Source can also be expensive in the long run due to steep learning curves and higher ongoing maintenance costs. StreamAnalytix provides an alternative offering to reduce cost compared to proprietary enterprise solutions by leveraging Open Source. That brings added benefits from ongoing community innovation and the openness and flexibility of Open Source.

  • Scale Smoothly Over Time - As data traffic and other demands grow, you can scale up each component of StreamAnalytix independently to add more power to your cluster. Each component in StreamAnalytix can be scaled out independently to meet the storage or processing needs of the application.