Benefits and Insights

Why use Splunk?

Key differentiators & advantages of Splunk

  • Easily Access Data: Pull data from any external source and load it into the platform as-is, whether unstructured or structured. 
  • Gain Deep Insights: Get the answer to any question by leveraging AI and machine learning. 
  • Use Analytics to Drive Business: Gain continuous insights to increase efficiency and uncover valuable insights. 
  • Optimize Operations: See operational bottlenecks that can hurt or hinder day-to-day activities. 
  • Track KPIs: Optimize and track key performance indicators to enhance business operations. 
  • Assess Variety: Recognize variance in business operations before they can impact profits. 
  • Leverage Niche-Specific Tools: Solutions for IT, security and DevOps provide specialized capabilities to suit unique requirements and use cases. 
  • Use for Free: Take advantage of analytics without the typical price tag. The free version, available for one user, includes metrics stores, data collection add-ons, event annotation, anomaly detection and more. The daily indexing max is 500 MB and help resources are via community support, which includes access to documentation, Splunk answers and a live product roadmap. 

Industry Expertise

Serves numerous industries and specialities such as IT, DevOps, communications, healthcare, security and financial services.

Key Features

  • Device Diversity: Review and analyze data on different devices, ranging from tablet to smartphone and desktop. 
  • AI and Machine Learning: Incorporates data from many sources, including software operations, APIs, diagnostic commands and more. Integrated tools and guided data onboarding make things simple. Automatically identify, predict and self-heal IT, security, DevOps and business issues. 
  • Apps and Plugins: Includes several modular apps and plugins such as Splunk DB Connect, Splunk App Stream, Splunk for Big Data and more. 
  • Analysis and Prediction: Comes with advanced analytics collection, analysis and prediction features. 
  • Specialty Tools: A range of products are available for IT, DevOps and security use cases, providing purpose-built tools that cater to those unique needs. Includes service intelligence, AWS management, user behavior analytics, APM, infrastructure monitoring and incident management. 

Splunk Cloud

  • Scalability: Manage data analytics needs, infrastructure management and data compliance. Designed to handle sudden bursts in data volume, it helps upgrade capacity incrementally and retain security by design.
  • Connected Experience: Drive contextual insights and improve productivity using mobile apps, natural language capabilities, virtual reality and augmented reality. Extend the utility of the solutions to any location and empower more users beyond technical experts to monitor and act on data.
  • Security: Authorized by FedRAMP, it helps drive confident decisions and decisive actions. Ingest data in real time to address a variety of challenges across various programs and initiatives.

Splunk Enterprise

  • Dashboards: Quickly create and customize charts, reports and re-usable panels, and share them across enterprise.
    • Present data in a compelling and actionable way using visualization tools.
    • Analyze complex data to identify issues and opportunities.
    • Customize dashboards to display relevant information for different audiences and use cases.
  • Monitoring and Alerting:
    • Monitor events, conditions and critical KPIs to run operations smoothly.
    • Create real-time dashboards and visualizations using scheduled searches to keep teams and management informed.
    • React instantly to data with alerts on metrics or events.
    • Convert logs into metrics, and boost search, monitoring and alerting functions.
  • Reporting:Create reports in real time, schedule at any interval and use in dashboards. Save and share them in secure, read-only formats like PDFs.

Splunk Data Stream Processor

  • Data Privacy: Improve compliance with GDPR and other regulations by protecting sensitive information. Control destinations to receive specific subsets of data.
  • Real-Time Insights: Analyzes and crunches data in real time, ensuring timely and up-to-date insights. Identify data trends and patterns using manipulation functions to prevent threats as well as respond to business opportunities.
  • Operational Efficiency: Manage and distribute data from multiple sources in a single place. Reduces coding with a graphical UI and supports automatically designing and executing data pipelines using pipeline logic and machine learning.
  • Data Delivery: Built atop Apache Kafka, DSP ensures data delivery and scalability. It helps:  
    • Provide access to data streaming or distribute subsets to varying destinations.
    • Evaluate and manipulate data seamlessly using a drag-and-drop UI.
    • Detect source types to categorize data and leverage prebuilt pipelines by creating templates for future use.


These drawbacks based on user feedback are accurate at the time of this review:

  • Complex queries might require large CPU usage, freezing or slowing down the system.
  • Difficult to implement without thorough understanding of all moving parts.
  • Lot of programming makes it difficult for laymen to write queries.

Suite Support

Support, known as “Success Plans” are offered in four tiers for customers: Community, Base, Standard and Premium. Standard and Premium users will get a customer success manager attached to their account, who will help them troubleshoot issues. For standard users subscribing to higher storage tiers, CSM support and dedicated admin credits will also increase.

Users of the free version have access to community-based support only.

mail_outlineEmail: Not listed.
phonePhone: Available 24x7 for Standard and Premium support customers. Check the “support and services” page for a list of numbers for different geographical locations.
schoolTraining: Fundamentals course is free and teaches the very basics, Fast Start classes are for power users and admins, and come in the form of five-day in-person training. Fast Start offers certifications, whereas Fundamentals courses don’t.
local_offerTickets: Priority-based system. Although Base, Standard and Premium users can file tickets, Standard and Premium users have larger time windows for filing tickets.

Splunk Reviews

Average customer reviews & user sentiment summary:

714 reviews


of users would recommend this product

Synopsis of User Ratings and Reviews

Based on an aggregate of reviews taken from the sources above, the following pros and cons have been curated by a SelectHub Market Analyst.


  • Log Management: Collecting logs from popular tools, simplifying log aggregation and search, and recording performance statistics were benefits observed by 92% of reviewers who mention this feature.
  • Data Search and Storage: It’s easy to store and correlate large amounts of data, and a powerful search function allows complex search criteria, according to 95% of users referencing this.
  • Dashboards: It’s possible to create and style custom dashboards using XML, with a central dashboard showing all logs, as noted by 80% of reviews on this feature.
  • Data Analysis: All users mentioning this feature agreed it’s easy to analyze data.
  • Interface: A flexible and easy-to-navigate interface was cited by 72% of reviews on ease of use.
  • Data Visualization: Data retrieval and visualization is easy, according to every user who talks about this feature.
  • Alerts: All users mentioning this feature appreciated the ability to set up precise alerts for different KPIs.


  • Learning Curve: Deep learning is required to use the platform as observed by 71% of users referencing training.
  • Price: The pricing is confusing and high according to every user who mentions cost.
  • Implementation: It’s difficult to implement and requires technical assistance, as noted by more than 71% of reviews on the topic.

Researcher's Summary:

Splunk is an efficient and flexible analytics solution with some unique capabilities that let users source data from anywhere and assess company functions for deeper understanding. Data search, storage and analysis are some of its key benefits reflected in the majority of reviews. Users also find that its alerts, data visualization, custom dashboards, log management and user-friendly interface add a lot of value. However, there’s a steep learning curve and the price is on the higher side. It’s also hard to implement. Overall, it’s a good fit for businesses that have the technical expertise to utilize its tools effectively.

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