Benefits and Insights

Why use SAP Analytics Cloud?

Key differentiators & advantages of SAP Analytics Cloud

  • Increase Efficiency: SAP Analytics Cloud automatically generates explanations and insights that users want to see, saving users time they would otherwise spend slicing and dicing their data to find the relevant information.
  • Smarter Analytics: With Smart Predict, Smart Insights and Smart Discovery modules, the software uses machine learning technology to dig deeper and think smarter with users’ data.
  • No IT Training Needed: Augmented analytics is accessible to all users, even those without data science or visualization skills. Natural-language processing eliminates the need for cryptic queries to discover insights.
  • Anticipate Problems: Predictive forecasting and alerts detect risks and help users avoid issues before they happen.
  • More Informed Decisions: SAP Analytics Cloud’s AI-powered capabilities take the uncertainty and guesswork out of determining the best course of action.
  • Visualize Impact: Software algorithms identify key influencers - making it easier to see what drives business and what impacts your bottom line the most.
  • Work Better Together: Users can collaborate through the cloud, keeping in constant communication to get the job done together.
  • Free Trial: SAP offers a 30-day free trial version of SAP Analytics Cloud, downloadable from their website.

Industry Expertise

SAP Analytics Cloud is a solution for all industries. It has an especially effective implementation in sales, marketing, finance, operations, human resources, public services, oil and gas, real estate and more. It also offers a multitude of business content packages that provide end-to-end dashboards for a wide range of industries.

Key Features

  • Data Preparation: Machine learning technology automatically cleans data by alerting users to possible errors and enhancing data for deeper insights. It also suggests Smart Transformations based on context to help users decide how to better prepare data for enhanced data visualizations.
  • Chat With Data: Analysis is as easy as using a search engine; users can type questions into the Search to Insight bar in natural language to instantly create visualizations - no syntax mastery necessary.
  • Instant Data Visualization: Interactive charts and graphs automatically generate upon query, allowing users to see the full picture in seconds.
  • Predictive Forecasting: SAP Analytics Cloud can generate prediction models by learning from users’ historical data to predict what is likely to happen in the future, automatically detecting risks.
  • What-If Analysis: Through the power of self-service machine learning, users can fine-tune prediction scenarios based on confidence levels to create what-if simulations and plan for the next steps.
  • Highlight KPIs: Augmented analytics answer the “why” and “what” questions by identifying the top contributors to business performance - the people, products and processes that contribute to the overall story.
  • Analyze Anomalies: Smart Discovery automatically points out outlying data so users can take corrective action.
  • Hybrid Analytics: Users can protect their investments by continuing to manage on-premise systems and existing data infrastructure while moving towards the future by leveraging the cloud. SAP Analytics Cloud supports a wide range of data connections, ensuring that users can import and access data from any source to maintain a 360-degree view of their business.
  • Partners: Over 100 partners offer upwards of 430 analytical extensions in the SAP App Center that provide additional value and industry-specific applications to the SAP Analytics Cloud.
  • Built-In Collaboration: Users can create discussions, assign tasks and deadlines, comment on data points, share information and interact with each other continuously on screen.
  • Mobile App: Users can stay connected to the Cloud via a responsive, interactive iOS app.

SAP Analytics Cloud Suite Support

In addition to the methods listed below, SAP Analytics Cloud offers self-service support via browsing their community and blogs. Users of the SAP Business Plan and above receive free support. There are premium support plans also available, through which users can request proactive support for best business practices and IT optimization, among other features.
mail_outlineEmail: To request an email response, users should fill out the web form on the “contact us” tab at the right side of the SAP Support website. They can also get live help via chat with an expert.
phonePhone: Users in North America can call 1-800-872-1727 for support. SAP lists other specific phone numbers for all of the countries they serve on the website.
schoolTraining: SAP offers a wide spectrum of training options for SAP Analytics Cloud. For first time users, SAP offers regular webinars and on-demand recordings of past webinars. There are guided playlists that contain curated resource lists on different topics, a large library of guided videos by Product Coaches, as well as a Quick Answers FAQ page. There is also a help library that has step-by-step documentation on every feature. For more information, users can explore the Learning tab of the SAP Analytics Cloud home page.
local_offerTickets: To submit a ticket, users should log in to the SAP Support Launchpad and click “Submit an Incident.” In the SAP Support Launchpad, there are also options to start an expert chat, schedule an expert session or ask an expert peer.

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