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Why use Pentaho?

Key differentiators & advantages of Pentaho

  • Data Integration: Pentaho is extremely flexible in regards to the data that it can ingest, meaning your data type or source doesn’t limit you. 
  • Power to the User: Built to be usable by anyone, Pentaho can scale to any user-level and provides unique, powerful insights at every step of the way. 
  • Save Money: The product can handle any type of data from any source, and then gives you the power to analyze, categorize and evangelize that data. 
  • Gain a High-Level Overview of Your Company: Robust analytics from Pentaho provide you with a high-level overview of your company, meaning you can track KPI progress, capitalize on wins or improve upon stagnant growth. 
  • Future-Proof: Because of the system’s flexibility, you’ll be able to ingest all kinds of data, both past and present, regardless of its source. It’s built to take in operational data, big data, data from public/private clouds and data streams. 

Industry Expertise

Pentaho has served marketing, finance, manufacturing and more since 2004.

Key Features

  • Support For 15+ Big Data Sources: The application comes with support for several big data sources. Major sources include Microsoft, Google Cloud, Apache Hive, MAPR and more. 
  • Pre-built Components: The app comes with a robust library of pre-built components to access, prepare, blend and cleanse data. 
  • Drag-and-Drop Interface: You can simplify the creation of data pipelines with a drag-and-drop interface. 
  • Connect to Virtually Any Data Source: The system comes pre-built with connectivity to a bevy of data sources, including on-premise, cloud data, flat files, RDBMS, big data, APIs and more. 
  • Nearly Unlimited Data Access: Third parties like Google and Salesforce are accessible from within Pentaho, meaning you can add diversity to your data. 
  • Integrate Robust Data Models: From industry-standard to cutting-edge, you’ll be able to integrate data models like R, Python, Scala with Spark MLlib and Weka into your data flows. 
  • Reporting: The application offers you a full-suite of reporting tools, which include charts, dashboards, live visualizations, flowcharts and reports. 
  • Integrations with Data Processing Distributions: With integrations for Hadoop (and its distributions), NoSQL stores, as well as log files and JSON/XML data formats. 
  • Enhanced Productivity: A code-free design produces a 15x boost in productivity. It can also execute Spark or Hadoop jobs in clusters for high-performance output. 
  • Web-Based: The software offers you a highly-customizable web-based UI. Its API integrations give you total control over the look, feel and function of Pentaho. 
  • Tailored Training: You’ll have access to architect-level staff with a proven track record of success with hundreds of customers. 

Pentaho Business Analytics Suite Support

The company has three tiers of support: Standard, Premium and Enterprise.

mail_outlineEmail: Pentaho doesn’t offer email support.
phonePhone: The Enterprise support tier offers customized, one-on-one single point phone support. This point-of-contact support agent can also create a virtual replica of your business analytics environment for better troubleshooting.
schoolTraining: The company offers free and paid training. The company also offers a certification program with proctored and unproctored exams. On top of in-person and digital training, the company provides a robust library of user-docs, forum answers, video tutorials and much more.
local_offerTickets: Pentaho has a support portal that customers can visit to submit tickets. Turnaround times are dependent on your chosen support tier.

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