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Why use Pentaho?

Key differentiators & advantages of Pentaho

  • High-Level Overviews: Track KPI progress, capitalize on wins or improve upon stagnant growth. 
  • Enhanced Productivity: A code-free design produces a 15x boost in productivity. Execution of Spark or Hadoop jobs in clusters leads to high-performance output. 
  • Big Data Analytics: Integrate with Hadoop and Spark to ensure big data aggregation, preparation and integration, interactive visualization, analysis, and prediction. Blend multiple sources and process data at scale in a visual design environment. 
  • Efficient Data Management: Improve pipeline management for structured and unstructured data using flow orchestration, managed from a single console. Data engineers and analysts can perform automated data integration tasks for onboarding and data prep using templates.  
  • Predictive Analytics: Monitor, evaluate, compare and rebuild predictive models to perform predictive analysis using machine learning algorithms. Maximize model accuracy while in production and choose from a broad selection of evaluation statistics to identify degraded models. Analyze model performance and uncover inadequacies using rich visualizations. 
  • Community-Driven Tools: Use external components or plugins to extend standard functions. Installed on top of the platform, the plugins aid customizations. 
  • Metadata Editor: Automate data ingestion and onboarding, and cleanse and blend to create analytics-ready data models.  
  • Embedded Analytics: Embed real-time reports and dashboards into existing applications, web-based user interfaces and web APIs. Leverage multiple options to embed the application into clients’ systems. Supports multi-tenant deployment with single sign-on and security integration. 
  • Multi-Cloud Support: Deploy in a multi, hybrid or private cloud environment, with a single tool to simplify architecture management. Ensures connectivity to cloud storage and computing in AWS, Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure. Supports bulk loading of cloud data warehouses, including Amazon Redshift, Snowflake and Google BigQuery. 
  • Streaming Analytics: Get constant statistical analysis from data streams, collected from sources such as log files, social media, IoT platforms, telemetry and more. Manage, monitor and record real-time analytics of live streaming data to quickly extract the necessary information. 

Industry Expertise

Serves marketing, finance, manufacturing and more since 2004.

Key Features

  • Data Visualizations: Includes built-in tools and panel configurations. In-memory data caching aids speed-of-thought analysis on large data volumes. Understand and exclude outliers and drill down into supporting reports using visual lasso filtering and zooming.  
  • Data Source: Build interactive analysis reports by using data from CSV files as well as relational and multidimensional data models. 
  • Data Integration: Flexible data ingestion ensures no limitation in terms of data type or source that’s accessible. Provides Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL) capabilities to capture, cleanse and store data using a uniform and consistent format. 
  • Reporting: View interactive reports in dashboards, with different capabilities such as column resizing and sorting, drag-and-drop report design, font selection, unlimited undo and redo functionality, and more. Export formats include HTML, PDF, CSV, Excel and Excel 93-2003. 
  • OLAP Analytics: Mondrian, an open-source business analytics engine, enables interactive data analysis in real time. Build business intelligence solutions as an Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) engine, enabling multidimensional queries against business data using the MDX query language. 
  • Data Modeling: Maps the physical structure of the database into a logical business model and Streamlined Data Refinery (SDR) using a relational data model. Helps augment and blend raw data through a request form to then be published. 
  • Data Transformation: Design transformations and jobs to run with a graphical user interface, executed in XML or in a database repository. A data transformation engine reads, writes and manipulates data to and from various sources. 
  • Role-Based Security: Restricts access to certain portions of a metadata model that are used as a data source. Offers table, column and row-level authorization control. 
  • Mobility: Get immediate access to business analysis at any time using a mobile app for iPad that uses touch navigation technology. 
  • Big Data Sources: Supports more than 15 big data sources such as Microsoft, Google Cloud, Apache Hive, MAPR and more.  
  • Data Model Integration: Integrate third-party models like R, Python, Scala with Spark MLlib and Weka into data flows. 
  • Integrations with Data Processing Distributions: Integrates Hadoop (and its distributions), NoSQL stores, log files, and JSON and XML data formats. 
  • Customization: A highly-customizable, web-based UI and its API integrations ensure complete control over look, feel and function. 
  • Tailored Training: Access architect-level staff with a proven track record of success with hundreds of customers. 


These limitations, based on user feedback, are accurate at the time of this review:

  •  Unclear error codes. Detailed explanations needed for quick resolution. 
  •  Scheduling ETL packages through the Windows Task Scheduler is difficult. 
  •  Database connection information times out after a certain period of time. 

Suite Support

Three tiers of support available: Standard, Premium and Enterprise.

mail_outlineEmail: Not listed.
phonePhone: Enterprise support offers customized, one-on-one single point phone support. Support agents can create a virtual replica of a business analytics environment for better troubleshooting.
schoolTraining: Free and paid options available, as well as a certification program. Along with in-person and digital training, a robust library of user docs, forum answers, video tutorials and much more are available.
local_offerTickets:Submit through the support portal. Turnaround times depend on support tier.

Pentaho Reviews

Average customer reviews & user sentiment summary:

210 reviews


of users would recommend this product

Synopsis of User Ratings and Reviews

Based on an aggregate of reviews taken from the sources above, the following pros and cons have been curated by a SelectHub Market Analyst.


  • Data Analysis: Every user mentioning data migration and manipulation noted it’s easy to collect, sort, handle and analyze data.
  • ETL Tool: The ETL module is easily editable, offers excellent visualizations and helps transport XML and JSON-based data, according to 90% of reviews referencing this capability.
  • Complete BI: All users talking about this aspect noted the platform is stable, robust and reliable, providing a complete suite with many tools.
  • Integrations: It’s easy to integrate with third-party tools, many data sources, and the Pentaho BI suite and Pentaho Data Integration, as observed by 80% of users who mention this feature.
  • Reporting: The analysis reports are top notch and it’s easy to upload reports into EHR, according to 62% of reviews on reporting.


  • Technical Glitches: All users mentioning this aspect noted that PDI reads JSON files slowly and that core elements such as communication and working ability need improvement.
  • Support: Help documentation needs improvement and more guidelines required to set analytical diagrams or create models manually, as reported by every user talking about this issue.

Researcher's Summary:

Pentaho Business Analytics helps businesses of any size in any industry achieve end-to-end data analysis. It can be delivered in the cloud or as an embedded implementation. Its user-friendly ETL tool is highly regarded by users, as is the ability to aggregate and manipulate data. Most reviewers feel it’s a complete BI platform, with strong integration and reporting. However, it suffers from certain glitches and its help resources need to be more useful for users to get the most out of the system. In summary, it has a lot to offer for organizations looking for a wealth of data analysis features. For those on a tight budget, there’s also a less robust free version.

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