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Why use Panoply?

Key differentiators & advantages of Panoply

  • Connect Data in a Single Source: Panoply draws data from over 100 sources including CRM products, eCommerce sites, APIs, databases and an organization’s intranet. Users can also extend Panoply to integrate with 200 additional data sources via Panoply’s ETL partner network. It handles all aspects of data collection and data warehouse management.
  • Simplify Data Collection, Cleansing and Analysis: With a user-friendly interface and speedy set up, users of all technical levels can utilize Panoply’s data analysis features. The code-free process doesn’t require resizing and analyzes via standard SQL.
  • Gain Visibility: Panoply gives management insight into the data pipeline and improves data literacy across the whole operation by reducing silos. It was designed by analysts to make the analytics process accessible without relying on data scientists.
  • Automate Your Analysis: Users can keep their data up-to-date with automated data ingestion and schema reindexing set on a predetermined schedule. AI reduces data-engineering maintenance tasks like vacuuming and automatically optimizes data storage based on recorded usage to improve query speeds. 

Industry Expertise

Panoply caters to all industries but specializes in software, retail, eCommerce, financial services, healthcare, media and publishing industries.

Key Features

  • Data Cleansing and Querying: Panoply performs data queries against a local database to retrieve information quickly and efficiently. It also detects, corrects and removes inaccurate data points from the database based on user parameters to cleanse and prepare it for analysis.
  • Data Encryption: Panoply encodes data in a cipher to make it more difficult to hack or leak. It decrypts and offers users access to data via encryption key, ensuring data security for any industry. Role-based access and table-level control restrict information to authorized employees.
  • High Volume Processing and Storage: Users can process big data sets quickly, structuring and cleansing it for analysis. It also performs data management tasks such as archiving, retention, management and secure storage.
  • Natural Language Processing: Users can query Panoply with natural language searches and, using NLP via artificial intelligence, it learns and responds to return relevant results.
  • Replicate Databases: It lets users replicate relational databases such as MySQL, Redshift, BigQuery and more.. The system then ingests and structures a variety of data types including CSV, XLS, TSV, JSON and server files into tables for smooth processing.

Panoply Suite Support

mail_outlineEmail:Users can request support by filling out the “contact us” web form or live chatting with a representative on the site.
phonePhone:To get support by phone, call 1 415-570-9356.
schoolTraining:Panoply offers self-guided training resources such as eBooks, webinars, forums, blogs and case studies in a large content library.

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