Benefits and Insights

Why use MeaningCloud?

Key differentiators & advantages of MeaningCloud

Customization: users can add their own: 
  • dictionaries 
  • ontologies 
  • classification models 
  • rules for sentiment analysis 
  • rules for insight extraction

  • Add-in for Excel 
  • Plugin for GATE (General Architecture for Text Engineering) 
  • RapidMiner  

Industry packages:  
  • Pharma 
  • Finance 
  • Media 
  • Geo 
  • Hospitality  

Off the shelf models: 
  • IPTC (classification of news, media Industry) 
  • IAB (content classification, advertising industry)

Available SaaS and On-premises.  

Free plan: up to 40,000 calls to APIs free per month. Other affordable plans.
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