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  • Access customer feedback - Keatext can import and sync data from Salesforce and Zendesk through a connector app available in the AppExchange. Don’t use these CRMs? You can also import CSV data.

  • Read customer feedback - Keatext uses natural language processing and machine learning technology to analyze all your customer verbatim and open-ended surveys, emails, product reviews, call center transcripts and more.

  • Reveal what customers are talking about - Keatext reads your documents to find out what issues are mentioned and what people say about them. Important issues are those that come up frequently.

  • Discover how satisfied they are - Keatext uses topic detection and sentiment analysis to understand what customers are saying about your products and services, and whether those comments are positive or negative.

  • Learn more by filtering to focus results - With Keatext, you can narrow down a particular result to a specific region, age group, or product line. Or separate the in-store purchase process from the online one. You can also know who exactly mentioned a particular issue, when and on which tickets, so you can go back and find out more.

  • Analyze impact and share findings - The data extracted by Keatext can be visualized in multiple formats: time series, bubble charts, column charts and more. Sharing the insights to be acted on with those that need to know is easy with drag-and-drop to create custom reports and one-click notifications.

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