Benefits and Insights

Why use IBM Watson Analytics?

Key differentiators & advantages of IBM Watson Analytics

  • Enrich Data Interactions: Reduced reaction times give users nearly instantaneous access to data, and the solution can be trained to prioritize common requests in order to optimize future interactions with users.
  • Apply and Discover Data: Speedy data discovery lets users process millions of data points in a timely manner in order to get on with the work that matters most.
  • Anticipate and Prevent Disruptions: Using AI and pattern identification, Watson helps users identify potential issues in workflows that can cause long-lasting damage to an organization.
  • Detect and Mitigate Risks: Security measures like role-based access, single sign-on and advanced learning combine to create a secure system that protects data from theft and leakage. Users can train the solution to adapt to and follow the latest in privacy regulations to preemptively discover compliance breaches.
  • Democratize Access and Use: Foster data literacy throughout the organization by utilizing employee knowledge in combination with industry teachings and empower the whole workforce through AI-augmented learning.
  • Customize and Teach the System: Watson learns as it is used to adapt to the needs and habits of individual users through AI, NLP and machine learning.
  • Gain a Competitive Advantage: Using the data already available to an organization, IBM Watson helps managers predict the shape of future trends that will affect their business. It also positions businesses to react more agilely to these changes.

Industry Expertise

IBM Watson is beneficial to any industry that wants to implement AI-augmented business intelligence and offers industry-specific products and modules to best serve every customer.

Key Features

  • Watson Discovery: Watson Discovery, IBM’s advanced AI, offers smart document understanding that lets users visually label text in documents and incorporate structured understanding.
  • Simplified Predictive Analysis: Automated analysis techniques simplify the roles analysts must play in the data analytics process. They can build advanced predictive models with the bare minimum requirements.
  • Dashboards: Customizable dashboards let users interact with data in real time, as well as collaborate on visualizations.
  • Speech to Text: IBM Watson can convert spoken words to text as well as written text to audio.
  • Image Analysis: Using machine learning, the system can analyze visual content such as video or images.
  • One-Click Visualization: Data discovery and analysis via visualization is accessible with single-click exploration.
  • Natural Language Processing: Users can perform queries in plain English and the system will carry on a natural language dialogue to facilitate intuitive searches.

IBM Watson Suite Support

mail_outlineEmail: Users cannot email support directly.
phonePhone: Users can contact support at the following phone numbers:
  • U.S.: 1-866-745-8767

  • E.U.: +44 (0)20 7202 5930

  • Germany: +49-172 2014252

  • Australia: +61-2-9354-4000

  • South Africa: +27 21 702 3333

  • Brazil: +1 844 275 9268 ext. 2564133

schoolTraining: The IBM user portal offers training resources through the Skills Gateway and the Watson Academy, including webinars, videos, certification courses and other eLearning materials.
local_offerTickets: To open a support cast, users can access the IBM support portal by logging in to their user account.

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