Benefits and Insights

Why use IBM Analytics?

Key differentiators & advantages of IBM Analytics

  • Automate Workflows Via AI: Artificial intelligence automates many planning, budgeting and forecasting tasks in order to streamline workflows and promote efficient workflows.
  • Visualize Business Performance: Analysts can visualize data points in intuitive dashboards to gain visibility into business performance.
  • Foster Organization-Wide Communication: Interdepartmental communication doesn’t have to be a barrier to successful data analysis — IBM Analytics helps break down silos and encourage data literacy at every level.
  • Identify Data Trends: AI-augmented analysis identifies patterns in data sets and helps users uncover insights using these patterns to make informed business decisions.
  • Go Beyond Spreadsheets: IBM Analytics mimics the interface of Microsoft Excel to give users a familiar interface while offering more features and better applications than a simple spreadsheet.
  • Prep Data Automatically: Automated data preparation saves users time by automatically cleansing and blending data from disparate data sources into a single data warehouse.

Industry Expertise

IBM serves one of the most diverse clientele bases in the world.

Key Features

  • What-If Scenario Testing: Scenario testing lets users run tests on limited what-if scenarios in a flexible sandbox environment.
  • Analytics: Using IBM Cognos, Excel and dashboarding, users can perform a variety of analytical processes without exporting data to another tool.
  • Data Import: Data can be imported from a variety of sources including spreadsheets, databases and CSV files.
  • Data Structuring: Machine learning adapts to user behavior to automatically discover and combine data from related sources. Users can then add columns or rows, reorder data points and perform calculations.
  • Integrations: IBM Analytics integrates with Microsoft, Slack and other useful tools to promote seamless collaboration.
  • Collaboration: Users can leave annotations and have discussions directly on visualizations through collaborative sharing options.

IBM Analytics Suite Support

mail_outlineEmail: Users can contact support by emailing [email protected]
phonePhone: No phone support is available.
schoolTraining: IBM’s Skills Gateway offers a vast library of self-training resources like eLearning courses, videos, training events and third-party certification courses.
local_offerTickets: To open a support case, users must log in to their IBM account.

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