Benefits and Insights

Why use Appsee?

Key differentiators & advantages of Appsee

  • Stay Informed in Real Time: Using up-to-the-minute qualitative analytics and app alerts, users are able to closely monitor KPIs and track trends to gain real-time visibility into their business.
  • Optimize UX: By recording visitor’s actions and generating heatmaps, users can build a 360-degree view of how their customers interact with their mobile app. This can be used to identify pain points in the user journey and assess the effectiveness of an app’s design.
  • Improve Conversion Funnels: Generating ad-hoc graphics to track conversion rates through the sales funnel allows users to monitor vital business metrics. They can use this knowledge to improve steps where more customers drop off and boost conversion rates.
  • Draw Insights from Data: Developers can gather data from users such as user retention, conversion rates, crash frequency and more in order to better understand their user base and effectively cater to their needs.
  • Boost App Usability: Crash recordings and various UX capabilities allow developers to identify exactly why their app is crashing or where it is losing users to unintuitive design problems.

Industry Expertise

Appsee is designed for mobile app developers, especially those in the eCommerce space.

Key Features

  • Qualitative Analytics: Appsee analyzes KPIs such as crash rates, conversion rates and DAU then performs mobile analytics to track and record metrics.
  • User Recordings and Heatmaps: The platform records user navigation, taps, swipes and other actions to perform single-user level analysis. It then blends these individual recordings to create a comprehensive heatmap.
  • Automatic Event Tagging: Out-of-the-box analytics automatically define events and detect actions without requiring users to set parameters.
  • App Alerts: Users can set alerts to trigger based on specific metrics and send them via Slack, email or text.
  • Crash Detection: The system automatically detects instances of the app crashing and logs them for analysis.
  • Real Time Data: Appsee updates all data in real time.
  • Conversion Funnels: This feature generates simple visualizations that graphically portray conversion funnels and makes them easy to interpret.
  • Action Cohorts: Simple flowcharts let users explore how one in-app action affects others.

Appsee Suite Support

mail_outlineEmail: Users can request an email from technical support by filling out the “contact us” web form.
phonePhone: Users cannot receive technical support by phone.
schoolTraining: training is self-guided: users can navigate through a variety of product guides, setup tutorials, technical documentation, case studies, eBooks, a blog and online training modules.
local_offerTickets: Users are encouraged to seek out the library of self-help resources before opening a support case. If no solution can be reached, users can log in to their account to access support.

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