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Industry professionals from any business function can use AnswerDock to easily explore their company's data, using an intuitive search-like interface with no required training. AnswerDock supports professionals in Retail and Ecommerce, Finance and Insurance, 
Healthcare, Transportation and Logistics, Communications and Media, Manufacturing, among other industries.
AnswerDock provides a comprehensive data platform with tons of features:
·        Natural Language Processing
·        Auto Chart Selection
·        30+ Interactive chart type
·        50+ Customization Options
·        Data mining and Insights Discovery
·        Analysis Explanation
·        Custom Keywords
·        Automatic Data Indexing
·        Sharing and Collaboration
·        Formula-based Columns
·        Datasets Joins
·        Administration Console
·        Scheduled Data Loads
·        Export to CSV, PNG or PDF
·        Column, Row and Dataset Permissions
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