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Why use Alteryx Designer?

Key differentiators & advantages of Alteryx Designer

  • Technical Accessibility: The solution is accessible to users with or without coding knowledge, giving users the freedom to choose between using a code-free or code-based interface. Coders can use C++, Python or R languages.
  • Reduces Data Preparation Time: Alteryx Designer quickly extracts and blends data from an unlimited number of sources, speeding time to insight and leaving users with more time for critical analysis.
  • Automatic Workflows: Repeatable workflows can be scheduled or refreshed on-demand, saving time and allowing analytics to scale.
  • Alteryx Integration: Alteryx Designer integrates natively with Alteryx Server, Alteryx Connect, Alteryx Promote and Alteryx Analytics Gallery, providing users with many options to extend the value of the solution as their needs grow.
  • Spatial Analytics: Alteryx sets itself apart from competitors with its location intelligence and geospatial datasets, allowing for more contextual business decisions.
  • Predictive Analytics: Alteryx Designer offers visually accessible predictive analytics, applying machine learning to data sets efficiently with or without the use of code.
  • Free Trial and Demo: Alteryx offers a free 14-day trial of the full version of its product, downloadable from their website. They also offer an interactive online demo, no download required, that lets users try the product for 90 minutes with a guided walkthrough using sample data.

Industry Expertise

Alteryx serves over 5,000 customers all over the globe in all industries, including retail, real estate, food and beverages, engineering, manufacturing, marketing and sales, oil and gas, technology, communications, banking, nonprofit organizations, healthcare and hospitality, among many others.

Key Features

  • No-Code Data Connectivity: Users can access all their relevant data from a myriad of on-premise and cloud databases, files, apps, social media and third-party sources, including Oracle, Microsoft, Amazon, NoSQL, Google Analytics, Salesforce, spreadsheets and more.  
  • Data Preparation and Blending: Alteryx Designer provides a visual platform for users to extract, join, filter, group and cleanse data before analysis. It profiles the statistical health, quality and completeness of a dataset and assesses how to blend and improve data to make it analytics-ready. 
  • Data Workflows: Users can create workflows to build analytics models and reports. These self-service workflows can be repeated, automated and refreshed. 
  • Drag-and-Drop Modeling: Users can drag-and-drop predictive analytics tools with macros and more than 50 prebuilt functions. They can also build their own with R or Python coding. 
  • Visualytics: Users can see their data in motion throughout the entire problem-solving process; they can instantly validate their data results and adjust their models by referring to inline visualizations.
  • Spatial Analytics: Alteryx Designer provides location data blending and spatial analytics tools that can supply insights such as drive time, trade area, spatial matching and point creation.
  • Exports to BI Tools: Alteryx Designer enhances data by adding spatial and predictive insights and then loads it directly into leading third-party data visualization tools such as Tableau, Microsoft Power BI and Qlik.

Alteryx Designer Suite Support

mail_outlineEmail: Email support information is available from within the customer support page on the Alteryx community website.
phonePhone: Phone and chat support is only available to Advanced and Premium subscribers. Users can access phone and chat support through the customer support page on the Alteryx community website.
schoolTraining:The Alteryx Academy is an extensive online training platform that offers interactive lessons, learning paths, videos, weekly challenges and certification tests. It is available to all customers after they log in to their community account.
local_offerTickets:Support cases can be submitted through the vendor’s online case portal in its e-support section.

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