Benefits and Insights

Why use Pivotal Big Data Suite?

Key differentiators & advantages of Pivotal Big Data Suite

  • Become Agile
    Quickly deploy and manage an analytics-optimized business data lake. Elastically scale processing power in public or private clouds for advanced analytics using Structured Query Language (SQL) on Hadoop and to support data-driven applications at scale.

  • Discover More Insights
    Become a predictive business by leveraging advanced analytics utilizing enterprise SQL on Hadoop and an analytical database. Gain deeper insights than ever before through high performance analysis of extremely large data sets. Create a data science differentiator for your data-driven enterprise.

  • Innovate at Scale
    Turn insight into action by creating predictive analytic applications at any scale. Deploy differentiating customer experiences, including mobile applications, with smart, context-aware features; processed by real-time, in-memory data stores and reliable message queues.