Benefits and Insights

Why use MarkLogic?

Key differentiators & advantages of MarkLogic

  • Simpler Data Integration
    Cut down on expensive data integration work by quickly ingesting all of your data as-is, and then doing agile application development without constraints on top of a stable data layer.

  • One Unified Platform
    Avoid worrying about building and maintaining separate systems for transactions, analytics, and search. MarkLogic can perform all of those functions as a single platform.

  • Faster Development
    Your developers should be as happy with the platform choice as the rest of the IT team. MarkLogic takes the “T” out of ETL and has a flexible data model to make true agile development a reality.

  • Reduced Costs
    Deploy your enterprise applications on cost-effective commodity servers in the cloud, while preserving the option to change hardware, data, and scale in the future.
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