Benefits and Insights

Why use Infobright Enterprise Edition [IEE]?

Key differentiators & advantages of Infobright Enterprise Edition [IEE]

  • Load and Go: Simple to implement and manage, requiring little administration

  • High Performance and Scalability: Fast response times for complex ad-hoc queries; No need to pre-plan queries and tune for performance; Query and load performance remain constant as the size of the database grows; Load TBs per hour with the Distributed Load Processor; Scales up to handle petabytes of data

  • Immediate Return on Investment: Eliminates the need for complex hardware infrastructure; Runs on low cost, industry standard servers; A single server can scale to support hundreds of terabytes TB of data; Industry-leading data compression (10:1 up to 40:1) reduces the amount of storage needed and their associated maintenance costs; Significant reduction in operational expense