Benefits and Insights

Why use Apache Cassandra?

Key differentiators & advantages of Apache Cassandra

  • Elastic scalability  Allows you to easily add capacity online to accommodate more customers and more data whenever you need. 

  • Always on architecture Contains no single point of failure (as with traditional master/slave RDBMS’s and other NoSQL solutions) resulting in continuous availability for business-critical applications that can’t afford to go down, ever. 

  • Fast linear-scale performance Enables sub-second response times with linear scalability (double your throughput with two nodes, quadruple it with four, and so on) to deliver response time speeds your customers have come to expect. 

  • Flexible data storage Easily accommodates the full range of data formats – structured, semi-structured and unstructured – that run through today’s modern applications. Also dynamically accommodates changes to your data structures as your data needs evolve. 

  • Easy data distribution Gives you maximum flexibility to distribute data where you need by replicating data across multiple datacenters, the cloud and even mixed cloud/on-premise environments. Read and write to any node with all changes being automatically synchronized across a cluster. 

  • Operational simplicity With all nodes in a cluster being the same, there is no complex configuration to manage so administration duties are greatly simplified. 

  • Transaction support Delivers the “AID” in ACID compliance through its use of a commit log to capture all writes and built-in redundancies that ensure data durability in the event of hardware failures, as well as transaction isolation, atomicity, with consistency being tunable.