Benefits and Insights

Why use AgilOne?

Key differentiators & advantages of AgilOne

  • Gain a Comprehensive View of The Customer: It provides a holistic overview of the customer by gathering data from online and offline cookies, sanitizing and preparing it, and then producing a complete view of the customer for easy analysis. 
  • Unify Other Systems: AgilOne is a complete big data analytics platform that not only has robust data ingestion features but also integrates with other platforms easily. 
  • Stay Compliant: It helps users stay compliant with data legislation, such as the GDPR, by enabling enhanced data governance and user control. 
  • Make Data-Drive Decisions:  By utilizing big data, users can make decisions that are better informed with concrete, accurate data samples backing up their conclusions. 

Industry Expertise

AgilOne’s automated marketing tool serves a variety of customers, not just in IT. They have customers in retail, manufacturing and more. Some notable clients of AgilOne include Clarks, DAVIDsTEA, Vineyard Vines, Georgia Pacific, Micro Center and more.

Key Features

  • Machine Learning: Machine learning modules can take customer data and automatically parse it, clean it, analyze it, and report on it. It takes a multitude of defined events — subscriptions, purchases, engagement — and automatically learns from them in order to optimize service. 
  • Self-Service: Marketers and data scientists alike can easily operate this software, and utilize different facets of it. Marketers can utilize dashboards, reports and templates, whereas data scientists can use AgilOne Lightning IQ to directly interact with data to perform sophisticated operations. 
  • Built-In Calculations: Users can save time by utilizing AgilOne’s built-in functions and calculations. Calculations like lifetime value, acquisition cost, retention value and more give decisionmakers deeper insights into their customers. 
  • Integrations: It offers robust integrations with alternative data programs such as ZenDesk, Salesforce, Oracle Service Cloud, SAP, Google and more. These diverse integrations allow for maximum digestion of information. 
  • Enhanced Communication and Marketing: Combining outbound marketing tools and big data enhancements, it is able to greatly enhance SMS, email, push notifications and even direct mail with rich, personalized customer data. 
  • Enriched CRMs: Data can be exported and integrated into most CRM systems, enriching customer profiles. 

AgilOne Suite Support

Support options from the company are limited to a robust resource library, a contact form and email support.
mail_outlineEmail: Users should contact [email protected] to receive support via email.
phonePhone: Phone support is not available at this time.
schoolTraining: Training options come in the form of a knowledge base, which any user can access at any time. Users will have access to whitepapers, webinars, videos and more. All options are self-guided.
local_offerTickets: There is a contact form on AgilOne’s website where users can input their information as well as a message. There is no formal ticketing system, but users can submit issues and receive feedback for next steps through the form.