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Why use WebFOCUS?

Key differentiators & advantages of WebFOCUS

  • Ease of Use: Designed with the end-user in mind, the product was made to be utilized by a wide range of employees, giving all users access to rich insights and helpful data. 
  • Scalable: WebFOCUS can be deployed to millions of users within a corporate firewall and outside of it. Its ease of use and robust platform tools help achieve high user adoption. 
  • IT Friendly: The system can be easily deployed by enterprises with internal IT resources. Deployments are largely self-service. 
  • Pervasive: The capabilities of this system go on and beyond executive dashboards or analyst panels. It can integrate into a bevy of other products to enhance user workflows. 

Industry Expertise

Information Builders is a company with over 40+ years of experience in the IT space. Major clients of Information Builders include the U.S. Government, Amerisure, BGI, St. Luke University Health Network and more.

Key Features

  • InfoApps: InfoApps are custom applications designed to enable non-skilled and non-technical workers to analyze data and generate insights. Some included InfoApps are dashboards, charts, reports and visualizations. 
  • InfoAssist+: This feature brings a unified self-service data discovery suite, delivering analytics to anyone. Users of all skill levels are able to quickly and easily surface insights with this web-based feature. 
  • Portals: Integrated portals allow users to quickly and easily manage large deployments of intelligence gathering services. Doing so facilitates greater control of data and improves governance capabilities. 
  • In-Document Analysis: WebFOCUS brings in an integrated in-document analytical engine with data set and functions similar to Excel. This is all brought together in singular HTML 5 pages, enabling users to interact with analytics even without an internet connection. 
  • Mobile: The solution can deliver a number of BI and analytical tools to smartphones and tablets. Applications and dashboards are “build once, deploy anywhere”, making it easy to share insights. 
  • Big Data: Large and diverse pools of data — from web to social to BI — can be integrated into the product. The software also works to improve data quality. 
  • Locational Analytics: On top of the standard suite of analytical tools presented in WebFOCUS, this solution also brings with it geographical and topographical data, leveraged against big data and traditional data sources

WebFOCUS Business Intelligence Suite Support

Information Builders offers a variety of support options to its customers.
mail_outlineEmail: The product does not offer email support.
phonePhone: Customers can reach phone support by visiting Information Builders’s “contact us” page. Support is available from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. A 24/7 global support line is also available by calling 1-800-736-6130.
schoolTraining: Training is offered as self-service modules, documentation and videos from the knowledgebase. Information Builders has a certification program as well, though course modules cost $300 a piece.
local_offerTickets: Users can log in to the support portal to access the case management features.

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