Benefits and Insights

Why use Vertica?

Key differentiators & advantages of Vertica

  • Analyze All Kinds of Data: It comes ready to ingest and evaluate pools of data from diverse sources, meaning users can take advantage of human metrics, retail information, vital business intel and usage data. A high-level overview of diverse data pools results in data-driven business decisions. 
  • Self-Service: Users of all technical levels can take advantage of the platform’s features, though it can also be operated by highly technical analysts at a more sophisticated level, using custom formulas and algorithms. 
  • Take Advantage of Big Data:  Large data silos enrich business decisions by providing intel and insights. Users can diagnose pain points or attach victories to actionable data. 
  • Gain a Competitive Advantage: Big data products allow users to diagnose and optimize their business operations and take on competitors with data-driven decisions. 

Industry Expertise

HP serves industries as diverse as manufacturing, finance, IT and retail, on top of being a titan of the consumer tech industry. Some notable customers of HP are Chevron, Bank of America, Ali, Sportscom, Etsy, Intuit and Uber.

Key Features

  • Extensive Integration Ecosystem: It is built to work with existing data infrastructures, hardware and software. Users can hook into commonly used clouds, data libraries, open-source tools, data products and programming languages. 
  • Flexible Licensing: It is set up to have flexible licensing. Options range from buying the product outright, buying a subscription, or even pay-by-the-hour usage. Hour usage comes with full support and requires no commitment. 
  • Machine Learning: Machine learning modules are built into Vertica’s core — no need to pay for them or install them separately. ML modules automatically digest and parse large data portions, enabling automated insights and deliverables. 
  • Software Only: All data warehousing, storage and processing infrastructure is hosted offsite by HP, freeing up IT resources for the end-user and giving them only a robust software interface to work with. 
  • Fast SQL Databases: Vertica takes advantage of highly scalable and speedy SQL databases to store and retrieve data. 
  • Massively Parallel Processing: Massively parallel processing runs two processes side-by-side, just at larger scales. This contributes to increased speed and scalability within the platform. 
  • Columnar Storage: This unique storage methodology greatly speeds up data retrieval by reading only the most important sets of data first. 

Vertica Suite Support

HP offers a number of support options to its customers. Support options include a dedicated support hotline, online learning resources and a ticketing system.
mail_outlineEmail: Users cannot email support at this time. They are instead encouraged to contact HP via phone or utilize the resource library.
phonePhone: Users should call +1-844-260-7219 to get in contact with support.
schoolTraining: HP provides a knowledge base for self-guided training and support. The company also has a certification program, though the cost per certification may vary.
local_offerTickets: A ticketing system is in place, and is stratified into three tiers of urgency: critical, high and medium, with critical being the most urgent support tier. To submit a ticket, customers should visit the online support portal.