Benefits and Insights

Why use SQLstream?

Key differentiators & advantages of SQLstream

  • s-Server - s-Server is the core stream processing engine. s-Server is the only stream processor to use standards-compliant SQL for querying live data streams. Benchmarked at over 500k events/second per CPU/core, s-Server is the most powerful and scalable stream processing platform available. s-Server includes the suite of agents and adapters for machine data mediation and enterprise system and storage platform integration. 

  • StreamLab - StreamLab enables business analysts and data scientists to explore and visualize machine data streams in real-time. StreamLab offers a graphical stream browser for the interactive exploration of machine data streams, with built-in real-time dashboards for visualizing streaming data and analytics. No SQL or Java coding is required – all streaming data interactions are supported through the powerful GUI. 

  • s-Visualizer - s-Visualizer is a real-time, push-based visualization platform for enterprise power users. s-Visualizer provides powerful push-based dashboards for visualizing streaming analytics from s-Server, with sophisticated meta-data capability for ease of configuration. 

  • s-Dashboard - s-Dashboard is an HTML5 platform for building push-based, real-time visualizations on s-Server. s-Dashboard enables developers to deploy real-time dashboards for streaming analytics on any device or channel, and is pre-configured with a standard set of panels, widgets and dashboards. 

  • s-Studio - s-Studio is a stream inspection, application development and administration console for the s-Server platform. s-Studio enables dynamic updates to live applications, adding new queries as needed or changing existing queries or views. s-Studio is built as a plug-in on the standards-compliant Eclipse framework.