Benefits and Insights

Why use SlamData?

Key differentiators & advantages of SlamData

  • Save Time: After building code-free tables from any datapoint, SlamData can automatically stream that data to any preferred warehousing solutions. 
  • For Any User: SlamData is built from the ground up to be utilized by any employee, regardless of technical skill level. 
  • NoSQL Compatiable: NoSQL is a popular SQL database that SlamData is built upon. SlamData provides a standard SQL interface to NoSQL data in MongoDB. 
  • Analyze Any Industry: Any industry stands to benefit from SlamData’s easy integration and deployment. The product is flexible, allowing the ingestion and processing of a variety of data types and formats. 

Industry Expertise

SlamData serves a variety of industries and customers, primarily in the IT space. Partners include Amazon AWS, Google Cloud, Tableau and Snowflake.

Key Features

  • Analyze Any Source: SlamData can pull in data from a variety of formats and locations, including CSV, JSON and XML. Locations include Amazon S3, Google Cloud, Azure, MongoDB and others. 
  • Code-Free Custom Interfaces: The software allows users to prepare tables and interfaces from any single data point without any coding required. 
  • Flexible Data Streaming: Users can automatically stream their data to major sources, including Snowflake, Azure SQL DW, Data Robot, Amazon Redshift and more. 
  • Open Source:  Because SlamData is open source, clients can audit and review the source code at any time to ensure their product is usable and safe. This also encourages users to compile their own, custom versions of SlamData. 

SlamData Suite Support

SlamData offers two support options: training and support tickets. Training can be obtained by visiting the product’s website and then clicking “contact.” Tickets are handled via the same contact page, and allow the user to dive deeper into an issue.

schoolTraining: SlamData offers a few support and training documents on its website under the “user guides” page.
local_offerTickets: Users can submit a support request via the SlamData website. The form requests issue overviews and then more detailed explanations.