Benefits and Insights

Why use SAS Viya?

Key differentiators & advantages of SAS Viya

  • Transform big data assets into real business value.
    Optimally use and manage IT infrastructure resources. Provide superior scalability and reliability. SAS empowers your organization to transform structured and unstructured data into high-value assets using big data analytics. Flexible architecture options address tough business requirements and remove IT constraints.

  • Reduce data movement and deploy models quickly in-database.
    SAS in-database solutions execute data management and analytic tasks inside the database. This promotes data consistency by reducing unnecessary data movement. And using massively parallel processing (MPP) database architecture means you can deploy predictive models – and get results – more quickly. Faster preparation and deployment of analytic models also frees IT to focus on strategic business problems.

  • Solve complex problems with in-memory solutions.
    Concurrent, multi-user data access. Extremely fast analytic operations. Optimized for distributed in-memory processing, our high-performance solutions scale to meet your changing needs. And they’re built with analytical workloads in mind so you can solve complex problems quickly. And make better decisions faster.

  • Increase efficiency with centrally managed grid computing.
    As the use of business analytics grows, so does the need for a flexible IT infrastructure – one that can scale cost-effectively, meet peak demands and manage growing, increasingly diverse user workloads. With our grid computing capabilities, you can create a managed, shared environment with high availability and workload balancing. And process large volumes of data and analytic programs more efficiently.