Benefits and Insights

Why use Ezoic?

Key differentiators & advantages of Ezoic

  • Increased Revenue: It reports an average 50% improvement in revenue for new users. It uses methods like revenue breakdowns, automated layout scanning and testing, heat mapping and others to identify successful efforts and less successful.  
  • Better Monetization and Intelligence: Users get a better view of where their money is coming from, then get the information and ability to improve it. Automatically tested layouts and ad auctioning get the most profitable ads in the most profitable locations on a webpage. Deep revenue breakdowns show what content is yielding the best return, and how other content falling short can catch up. 
  • Faster, Smarter Website: An optimization tool increases page load speeds by as much as 200% in some cases. The tool works for nearly all websites using nearly any content management system. It clears excess content and optimizes relevant content to load more efficiently. 
  • Keep Up With Regulations: It automatically or manually develops privacy policies and cookie consent permissions with one-click implementation. These are built to adhere to GDPR and CCPA guidelines. 
  • Ease of Use: Users do not need to know how to code or have advanced analytics knowledge. It conducts many of its features automatically and uses intuitive drag-and-drop functionality for layout design. 

Industry Expertise

Ezoic was founded in 2010 by Dwayne Lefleur, a former CEO at Cubics, a targeted advertising network. Since its inception, it has expanded from its southern California office to two more in the United Kingdom, with more than 10,000 customer sites globally.

Key Features

  • Big Data Analytics: Big data workflows harvest all internal data to provide internal metrics with context and reasoning. Audience, traffic and behavior are tracked and easily logged. Revenue metrics can be displayed in real time. 
  • Machine Learning: The ad tester, site speed accelerator and layout features utilize AI and machine learning to constantly improve on user experience and ad profitability based on internal and external data.  
  • Layout Tester: Its machine learning auto tests and tweaks new layouts in the background for optimization of user experience and ad placement. Layouts can be modified, approved or denied by the user before rollout.  
  • Site Speed Accelerator: A singular tool cleans up CSS and JS and optimizes images for better loading without altering the appearance of the site. 
  • AMP Converter: It can convert any mobile page into an Accelerated Mobile Pages format for better testing and monetization of ads. It can leverage machine learning to make adjustments. 
  • Ad Tester: Background user variables allow for ad size, location and content testing and optimizing automatically using AI and machine learning. Users get access to Google’s ad exchange and a header bidding component that increases the value of ad space. 

Ezoic Suite Support

Ezoic offers traditional support options like email, tickets and training. It also has a support chatbot on its website.
mail_outlineEmail:Customers can contact [email protected] for technical support.
phonePhone: Phone support information is unavailable.
schoolTraining: A knowledge base on the vendor’s website offers 14 subcategories and up to 67 individual entries per subcategory. The vendor also offers elevated, personal training for partners.
local_offerTickets: Users can submit a support ticket through the vendor’s support website.