Benefits and Insights

Why use Essbase?

Key differentiators & advantages of Essbase

  • Speed-Of-Thought Processing: Business owners get data in real time thanks to Essbase’s ability to analyze terabytes of data instantaneously. It utilizes built-in data load optimization and variable storage options that increase speed depending on the task. 
  • Scalable: Data can be partitioned, cached and processed across platforms, with integrated help from Oracle’s other processing platforms and additional optimization features that raise the ceiling on the product’s limits. 
  • Large User Base Support: Thousands of users to access query results simultaneously without a loss in speed with its load balancing tools. These are essential for companies reliant on their employees being able to use and manipulate data. 
  • Easily Usable: Results can be exported to common third-party interfaces, making the data digestible to most audiences. 
  • Oracle Integration Perks: Essbase users benefit from the processing advantages of Oracle’s other products, but also from the company’s other efforts in security, data storage, deployment and maintenance that smaller providers will have difficulty matching. 

Industry Expertise

The Arbor Software Company launched Essbase before being acquired in mergers with Hyperion first, then Oracle in 2007. Oracle is widely regarded as a top-10 producer in the big data industry, with tens of thousands of customers globally.

Key Features

  • Advanced Processing: Essbase’s extensive library of functions allows for multiple types of data to be processed. The High Availability Services feature allows processing to occur on several servers, lightening the workload and enabling the software’s market-leading speeds. 
  • Conversible Data: The Outline feature allows the user to view and alter the structures used when finding data, and massage them as the company’s needs change. Adding/changing drivers can forecast what impacts certain decisions might make, assisting in risk management. Depending on the user’s storage type, write-back capabilities are supported. 
  • Data Storage Options: Depending on the needs of a business, Essbase allows for either aggregate storage option (ASO) or block storage option (BSO). For large, flat dimensions, ASO allows that data to be processed more quickly, while BSO is tailored for more complex calculations on smaller data sets. 
  • Data Forecasting: Users can view projected results, which can be used for decision making or reviewed later for efficiency and optimization management. Scenarios can be input either manually or through drivers and data. 
  • Results Delivery: Queries can be exported to several platforms, including Excel, to make data more available to less tech-savvy users. Data is presented in easy-to-understand interfaces. 

Oracle Essbase Suite Support

Access to Oracle’s support system must be purchased. Behind the paywall, users get access to extensive forums, how-to and other guides, training programs and service request availability through its dedicated support website.
mail_outlineEmail: Oracle support email addresses are hidden behind the My Oracle Support paywall.
phonePhone: Customers in the U.S. can call 1-800-223-1711 for technical and nontechnical questions, with hours varying depending on customer location.
schoolTraining: The Oracle Support Knowledge Base includes tutorials and FAQ, with an extensive training program through LaunchPad Training Inc.
local_offerTickets: Service requests can be submitted through Oracle’s support website.