Product Information

Benefits and Insights

Why use BigQuery?

Key differentiators & advantages of BigQuery

  • Forecast and Plan Ahead: One of the chief benefits of big data analytics products is that it allows users to ingest heavy amounts of data. 
  • Deliver Insights: Analytics products allow users to see discrepancies in data and then act on them accordingly. 
  • Focus on Analytics and Not Infrastructure: BigQuery is a serverless solution that is able to handle large volumes of data without putting strain on an organization’s IT resources. 
  • Provide a User-Friendly Environment: The product is designed to be user-friendly for both technical and non-technical users, meaning a high-level knowledge is not necessary to operate the software effectively. 
  • Speed Up Processes: The product touts itself as being fast, utilizing fast SQL databases to quickly and efficiently analyze terabytes worth of data. 

Industry Expertise

Named a leader in 2019 by Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Data Management Solutions, Google BigQuery serves a number of customers across different industries. Google has customers in retail, IT and media. Major customers of Google BigQuery include Spotify, Homedepot, The Newyork Times, HSBC, Skynews and more.

Key Features

Google customers will receive varying levels of support depending on whether or not they belong to G Suite, Google’s enterprise-grade suite of software.

  • Machine Learning: BigQuery comes equipped with machine learning modules that can perform mass-segmentation and recommendations in seconds. These modules can be built and trained within minutes without having to ingest loads of data to train on. 
  • Cloud Hosted: Google handles all the hardware provisioning, warehousing and hardware management. Users can save on IT and warehousing costs by letting Google take care of their data storage and maintenance. 
  • Real-Time Analytics:  Large volumes of business data are quickly analyzed and presented to the user so as to make sure insights and data discrepancies can be immediately uncovered. 
  • Automated Backups: Data is automatically stored and backed up at a rate of seven times a day. Data history can be easily restored to prevent loss and major changes. 
  • Big Data Ecosystem Integrations: The platform can integrate with other big data products such as Hadoop/Spark, Beam and other products. Data can be directly written from BigQuery into these products. 
  • Data Governance: Data governance features such as access management, filter views, encryption and more are included in the software. The product is compliant with data regulations such as the GDPR. 

Google BigQuery Support

Google customers will receive varying levels of support depending on whether or not they belong to G Suite, Google’s enterprise-grade suite of software.
mail_outlineEmail: Users cannot receive email support at this time.
phonePhone: G Suite customers can get 24/7 phone and chat support for their products. Users should log in to their G Suite account and visit to get a hold of a representative.
schoolTraining: There are several training options available from Google as well as certification courses that can be completed. Training is self-guided or taught by instructors, and certification exams cost $200 to take. In addition, there is a resource library with documentation and videos.
local_offerTickets: By logging in to their Google accounts, administrators can submit support tickets and monitor their progress.