Benefits and Insights

Why use Azure Big Data?

Key differentiators & advantages of Azure Big Data

  • Easy access to data, big and small, to drive the best decisions
    Combine your data with external or unstructured information and things become very interesting. Power Query, a new tool for data discovery, easily combines data from multiple sources in Excel. Windows Azure HDInsight allows you to get started in Hadoop with just a few clicks. HD Insight is 100% Apache Hadoop, so your investment is future-proof. Combine your relational and non-relational data with PolyBase available in SQL Server 2012 Parallel Data Warehouse.

  • Analyze all data with powerful, familiar tools
    You can get insights faster when you enable business users to analyze all data, since these users are the domain experts who know the right business questions that need answers. We deliver faster insights by enabling end users to easily analyze all data types with familiar tools like Excel. Power Query helps you find the data you need, internally or externally, including unstructured data from Hadoop clusters. Analyze the data in Excel using Power View. Visualize the data with Power Pivot and map it with Power Map, a 3D mapping tool in Excel. Publish results to SharePoint or a Power BI site to scale insights from individual users to the whole organization.

  • Complete data platform for IT
    Once your end users find useful insights in Excel through their analyses, you need a complete data platform to help IT scale this across the organization. Microsoft offers a complete data platform that enables IT to scale with confidence. Our Big Data solution offers Enterprise-class security and governance along with support for all types of analytics – corporate and self- service BI, real-time, predictive and prescriptive – combined. Create repeatable business processes that deliver insights automatically to find the ROI in your data.