Benefits and Insights

Why use Alteryx?

Key differentiators & advantages of Alteryx

  • Coding Flexibility: The platform is usable to coders and noncoders alike. Workflows can be designed in a code-free or code-based interface, depending on the abilities, needs and programming knowledge of the end-user. Coders can use C++, Python or R. 
  • In-House Model Library: If a company doesn’t have the time, resources or know-how to develop their own apps, it can partially lean on the platform’s extensive customer base. Users get access to the Alteryx Analytics Gallery, allowing them to run and modify hundreds of analytics applications created by the vendor’s community. 
  • Thorough End-to-End Analytics: Each product is specifically developed for a certain step of the analytical process. Alteryx Connect and Dataset help the user collect, organize and prioritize data. Alteryx Designer helps them execute it, and Promote streamlines operationalizing models. 
  • Spatial Analytics: Users can determine trade areas, drive time and other location-based calculations using geospatial data and street map or satellite imagery integration. 
  • ClearStory Data: The acquisition of ClearStory Data in 2019 gave Alteryx a solution continuous, automated analytics on complex and unstructured at the enterprise level. 

Industry Expertise

Alteryx was founded in 1997 under the name SRC LLC. After its inception, it expanded to more than 80 countries and now serves more than 5,000 customers globally.

Key Features

  • Internal Data Visualization: Its in-platform data visualization solution Visualytics displays data insights at each stage of ETL, enabling validation and verification at every step of analysis. 
  • Data Visualization Export: If Alteryx’s in-house visualization capabilities don’t satisfy a business’s needs, it has the ability to export in several formats and has compatibility with data visualizers like Qlikview and Tableau. 

Alteryx Dataset
  • Contextual External Data: Dataset is a compilation of data the vendor has created to supplement its other products, allowing for further and contextual insight on location and business analytics. 
  • Location Insights: Users can better understand geographical markets and focus efforts based on location with deeper location data from TomTom and DigitalGlobe. 
  • Customer Plotting: Businesses can optimize delivery routes and look for geographical trends with down-to-the-meter plotting on street maps or satellite imagery. 
  • Better Time-Distance Understanding: Built-in drivetime processing enables businesses to better understand distribution times, utilizing traffic data. 
  • Business Insights: The demographic data package gives businesses insights into more than 235 million customers, allowing more sophisticated market segmentation and sharper-focused marketing efforts. 

Alteryx Connect
  • Manage Data Sources: Users streamline data exploration by merging enterprise metadata, scraped relational data, experience and context to efficiently include pertinent information only. 
  • Data Search: An internal search engine makes data at any point in the analytic process findable. 

Alteryx Designer
  • User-Friendly Data Workflows: Users can compose visually-digestible workflows for modeling and reporting in the platform. 
  • Drag-And-Drop Modeling: The workflow is built from macros, providing users with more than 50 prebuilt functions to choose from or the option to build their own in R or Python.  
  • Data Preparation: It can cleanse and prep data before compiling and analyzing it all, removing null and duplicate sources. 
  • Visual Data Validation: Inline Visualytics, the platform’s visualization tool, provides data verification in each step of the workflow in an easily digestible way. 

Alteryx Server
  • Scalability: It improves workflow efficiency and utilizes load balancing and auto recovery to allow analytic processes to scale up shrewdly and safely. 
  • Automation: Workflows can be scheduled and repeated with confidence in the server’s ability to handle it 24/7.  
  • Flexible Deployment: Server can be deployed on-premises or in the cloud through Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure, depending on the user’s needs. 

Alteryx Promote
  • Operationalize Models: Integrates with Designer to deploy workflows directly without recoding. Models can be embedded in any web or mobile application with REST API requesting capabilities. 
  • Model Monitoring: Model development, updating and redeployment are streamlined, ensuring the latest editions are rolled out quickly. Utilizing Visualytics, production statistics can be viewed in real time to drive informed optimization. 

Alteryx Suite Support

Alteryx offers three levels of support at different prices: Standard, Advanced and Premium. All offerings include 24/7 e-support, with varying levels of response time. Advanced and Premium include bonus features like regular and proactive check-ins from support staff.

The vendor’s website offers a robust community section, with forums, documentation and free training available at all levels of support subscription. Additional support, such as email and live chat, is available through the website.

mail_outlineEmail: Email support information is hidden behind the customer login on the vendor’s community website.
phonePhone: Phone support is only available to Advanced and Premium subscribers. Its information is hidden behind the customer login on the vendor’s community website.
schoolTraining: The Alteryx Academy is an extensive training platform on the vendor’s community website, offering interactive lessons, learning paths, videos, weekly challenges and certification tests. It is accessible to all customers.
local_offerTickets: Support cases can be submitted through the vendor’s online case portal in its eSupport section.