Benefits and Insights

Why use RiskOrigins™?

Key differentiators & advantages of RiskOrigins™

  • Counterparty Management
    Understand both direct and indirect risks in the origination process by correctly capturing not just the counterparties in a given deal, but also the complex relationships that result from cross-collateralization, cross-guarantees, ownership, and more.

  • Deal Structuring
    Ensure the correct loan products are offered by creating a product catalogue. Streamline the approval process by setting up credit facilities and allocating products to them. Enhance your understanding of risk in terms of subordination, covenants, collateral, and off-balance sheet liabilities.

  • Covenants Tracking and Maintenance
    Easily define covenants during origination and ensure they are included in the loan documentation. Detect early warning signals and ensure covenants are respected over time by using an automated tracking process that is natively linked to financial statements.

  • Collateral Management
    Capture collateral during the deal structuring process, monitor that collateral over time via alerts, and use that collateral to accurately calculate your exposure and loss given default.

  • Pre-Deal Limit Check
    Improve decision-making and save time by understanding the effect of each new transaction on the overall portfolio - as early in the origination process as possible - and whether each new credit facility fits within pre-defined limits.

  • Financial Spreading
    Eliminate redundant systems, minimize duplicative work, and reduce data entry errors. Avoid costly mistakes by ensuring credit analysts are spreading financial statement and qualitative data in a standardized way, based on appropriate accounting standards and addressing industry- and asset class-specific nuances, including commercial real estate.

  • Financial & Risk Datamart
    Gain operational control of your lending policies by enabling an aggregated, consistent view of risk and exposure across products, risk areas and departments through the RiskFoundation™ platform, our Financial & Risk Datamart, which is natively integrated with the RiskOrigins software and our full suite of Risk Management solutions.

  • Transaction- and Portfolio-Level Reporting
    Manage your business more effectively with an easy-to-read dashboard that shows both portfolio- and single obligor-level performance measures. Quickly and easily generate standardized reports such as credit write-ups, and regulatory reports.

  • Workflow
    Improve operational efficiency by standardizing origination and risk management processes, including ongoing monitoring via alerts. Enforce consistent risk management policies and procedures, address regulatory pressure and improve financial performance.

  • Audit Trail & Archive
    Achieve transparency and traceability in all your credit decisions, tracking the participants, inputs, outputs and approvals.

  • Connections to Back Office Systems
    Once a credit facility is approved, send facility data to your loan accounting system or collateral management systems. You can also retrieve data from these systems to monitor activity over the life of a facility.
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