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Venkat S. Devraj is co-founder and CEO of SelectHub. Venkat was formerly Chief Architect, Cloud Automation and CTO, Application Automation at Hewlett Packard. He came to HP when they acquired the previous company he had co-founded, Stratavia. He is also the author of “Oracle 24x7 Tips and Techniques” and co-author of “Oracle8i Web Development” (both from Osborne / McGraw-Hill). He holds two patents in IT process automation. Over the past 23 years, Venkat has seen both the buyer and vendor side of technology selection projects and is passionate about streamlining and improving this process.

Introducing SelectHub

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I want to take a few minutes to share an exciting new venture with you: SelectHub.

SelectHub is a platform for companies to evaluate and procure software products in a collaborative manner.

It helps users become aware of solution options, access research that may not be readily available in the public domain and conduct their evaluation in a streamlined, inclusive and thorough manner. They can choose to communicate with vendors and coordinate RFIs and proof-of-concepts via the SelectHub platform sharing as much or as little of the project details as they choose. When they do, it helps vendors understand buyer expectations more clearly, cater to inbound queries and requests in near real-time, and advance the solution sale process based on precise metrics for opportunity qualification and revenue predictability. SelectHub enables maximum efficiency on both sides.

The offering is a culmination of my years of frustration navigating complex and time-consuming software evaluation, purchase and implementation processes at various organizations, and working with other IT leaders and end-users that shared that frustration to craft a solution.

Early user feedback about SelectHub has been overwhelmingly positive. My team and I are grateful for the support we have received, and trust it will pave the way for SelectHub to become the gold standard in process management for enterprise technology purchases.

You can check it out at There’s a one minute video that introduces the offering, and the product rationale is further explained at Why SelectHub?.

If you think SelectHub could be beneficial to any of your colleagues, please take a moment to share our video & website with them. Or if you are participating in a product evaluation yourself, sign up at, create a project and add/invite other stakeholders.

SelectHub is completely free to use. The only thing we ask for in return is feedback about your experience. That will help our team tremendously as we continue to improve the service in both functionality and form.


Thanks for reading. I look forward to seeing you on SelectHub! 

Venkat DevrajIntroducing SelectHub
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