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Wipe out 80% of your supplier payments workload.
Tipalti takes the pain out of AP by cutting 80% of the manual work, freeing up your team to focus on growth initiatives instead of back-office financial operations. Our supplier intelligence makes onboarding easier than ever, with self-service registration and advanced vetting and validation built-in to eliminate payment error rates by 66%. Multiple layers of data extraction on invoices guarantees 100% touchless data capture, while automated routing accelerates approvals. Mass payments are executed in minutes across different countries, methods, and currencies. Real-time payment reconciliation eliminates layers of spreadsheets, giving you instant and accurate visibility.
Scale rapidly and globally without adding more AP resources.
Tipalti provides the systems infrastructure to scale globally, so you won’t have to keep throwing resources at your operation or implement another AP system. As your business changes, such as a growing supplier base, increasing payments, global expansion, going public, and adding new subsidiaries, Tipalti helps you future-proof for mass scale. Our expertise in AP means we can help you navigate the sea of banking regulations, tax laws, international payment complexities, and more, without adding headcount. From managing multiple payment methods and currencies to configuring different onboarding and tax flows for various subsidiaries and entities, Tipalti handles it all in one system.
Generate revenue from AP.
Tipalti helps drive improved margins by allowing you to earn revenue by extending early payment options to your suppliers. Our financing partners cover the funds to pay suppliers earlier than the originally agreed upon invoice date, and return a portion back from the early payment discount to you on every dollar paid. The process is completely frictionless for you and your payees – Tipalti manages all of the workflow with no impact on your operations and suppliers opt in with just a click. Suppliers get their money faster to improve their own cash flow and you generate extra revenue for your business, all while strengthening relationships and increasing negotiating leverage.

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