Benefits and Insights

Why use WinTeam?

Key differentiators & advantages of WinTeam

  • Cohesive Gauging: WinTeam offers a concise holistic system to measure finances, workforce management, daily operations and more. 
  • Paperless Time Sheets: Employees can clock in and out with WinTeam's mobile app, eliminating paper time sheets with the TimeTeam integrations. TimeTeam automatically converts timekeeping metrics into usable data for payroll, invoicing and reporting. 
  • HR-Friendly: This solution assists any HR team with tracking time off, absences, experience, certifications and revenue. There's also an insurance benefits management tool that assists employees in meeting the proper health insurance requirements. 
  • Variety of Reports: Users have more than 100 reports to choose from and a robust dashboard that measures performance within an organization. Users can also use filters to find specific information. 
  • Operate with Ease: WinTeam enables users to efficiently perform operations such as importing schedule data, processing deductions and editing batches of checks. 
  • Helpful Customer Service: If problems arise, WinTeam's helpful customer service efficiently solves issues and steers users in the right direction. 

Industry Expertise

TEAM came to fruition in 1989 when it created a model of WinTeam. WinTeam is a business administration software that enhances accounting methods, provides elaborate insights on profitability and arranges operations for janitorial and security contractors. TEAM stands on the vision of acting as a global supplier of advanced technologies and expertise for organizations to keep the world clean, secure and safe.

Key Features

  • Overview of Funds: The general ledger module enables users to track and document every financial transaction performed within the business. 
  • Smooth Out Accounting Methods: Users can employ the accounts payable accessory to save and store data so it can automate the accounting processes with recurring payments, payroll integration and vendor management.  
  • Valuable Company Data: The insights tool displays key performance indicators (KPIs) in understandable graphs and charts. Users can also review employee overtime, budgets, revenue and customer information. 
  • Intricate Analytics: Users can utilize report templates and dashboards in the business intelligence analytics module to get real-time analytics. This accessory is powered by SAP BusinessObjects and a WinTeam data warehouse to generate shareable schedules or custom reports.  
  • Create Checkpoints: The quality assurance feature allows users to create checkpoints. Checkpoints are utilized with customers or stakeholders to create and respond to questions, perform tasks based on responses and share outcomes. 
  • Employ a Master Schedule: Users can utilize a master schedule in the work and employee accessory to plan ahead and identify overtime opportunities. Filters and notifications enable users to swiftly schedule work to the ideal employee. 
  • Cohesive Payroll: The work and employee component supports blends AR and payroll so users can produce productive workflows and hassle-free paychecks and billing methods. 
  • Track Labor Costs: Users can use the operations and workforce management module to connect labor materials and other operational costs to a specified work location, permitting them to review which accounts are driving profits. 
  • Evaluate Inventory Needs: The inventory accessory provides building service and security contractors with the essential tools needed to monitor inventory demands. These tools include supply and revenue management, resale options, payroll integration for uniform and equipment costs and equipment tracking tools.  
  • Ensure the Best Quality: Users can implement cleaning inspections, resolve deficiencies, study trends and address clients' needs with the inspections and quality assurance accessory.  

WinTeam Suite Support

mail_outlineEmail: Users may send an email to [email protected] for support.
phonePhone: Users may dial (800) 500-4499 for phone support.
schoolTraining: TEAM Software offers a Learning Center when users click the "support" button at the top of the page. The Learning Center offers TEAM University where users can take courses on various WinTeam features. Users may also access in-depth help articles and information on the latest WinTeam features through the Learning Center.
local_offerTickets: Help tickets are not available at this time.