Benefits and Insights

Why use Sparkrock?

Key Features

  • General Ledger: Establish account sets and controls for numerous general ledger accounts and verify up to eight dimensions with the general ledger tool. Users can also track budget actuals, commitments and available funds within the chart of accounts. They can also facilitate approval workflows for general and repeating journal transactions. 
  • Cash Management: This appliance expeditiously and accurately predicts cash flows and liquidity, reconciles bank accounts and processes receipts in batches. It also supports electronic funds transfer (EFT) formats for each major Canadian bank.  
  • Budget Management: Modify and oversee every necessary budget with the budget management accessory. It's equipped with real-time and forecasting insights to deplete end-of-year surprise and professional budget-checking email approvals. It also merges budget commitments with purchase orders. 
  • Fund Accounting: The fund accounting module permits users to institute several operating funds, establish relationships between funds, cipher inter-fund transfers and transfer entries with precision and automatically supervises encumbrances on confined accounts when documenting financial transactions. This tool also supports refined financial reporting for oversight and regulatory compliance purposes.  
  • Accounts Payable: Thanks to efficient purchase invoicing, EFT, reminders and expense claim processing through this accessory, users can clarify vendor management and payment processes.  
  • Accounts Receivable: This tool dispatches customer management and sales invoicing through adjustable attributes and analysis and separately copies each line of invoices into the general ledger.  
  • Inventory Management: Accurately pinpoint the exact products found within inventory by tracking items purchased through the inventory management apparatus. Set requests to diminish in-house stock and charge the item adjacent to particular proportions. 
  • Purchasing: The purchasing appliance extends full transparency from purchase orders to payments with demand approval workflows and automatic orders in accordance with business rules.  
  • Asset Management: Install and combine assets with accounts payable and receivable, purchasing and general ledger to trace purchases, maintenances and depreciations with the asset management feature. 
  • Financial Analysis: This accessory grants financial managers access to produce timely and keen choices with protected, instant access to actuals versus budgets for exact departments, projects or grants. This component can also break down source intel. 
  • Expense Claims: Users can input expenses online, split lines between personal and business and merge credit card and out-of-pocket expenses on the same claim hassle-free with the automated approval workflows on the expense claims element. 
  • Requisition Management: This module offers users full capabilities to input purchase requisitions or payment requests online and checks against their available budget in real time. This apparatus enables users to also enforce purchasing policies through pliant approval workflows. 
  • Project and Grant Accounting: Seamlessly govern the status of capital projects and grants in real time such as budgets, commitments, requisitions and actuals. They each unify with general ledger, purchasing, accounts payable and reporting and users can establish numerous contacts and funding sources with payment schedules. Optional add-ons include budget planning, advanced reporting, business intelligence, advanced document imaging and K-12 School District Education Reporting. 

Sparkrock Suite Support

mail_outlineEmail: Users may email [email protected] for support.
phonePhone: Users may dial 1 866-878-5552 x 230 for support.
schoolTraining: Sparkrock's Customer Success Center page offers links to their helpful resources such as their knowledge base, webinar and events, and suggestions amongst others.
local_offerTickets: Users can fill out the "Contact Us" form on the "Contact Us" page for support.