Benefits and Insights

Why use PayTraq?

Key differentiators & advantages of PayTraq

  • For Business Owners - PayTraq is the only accounting software you need to run your business, in real time, quickly and efficiently. It's not just another online accounting or online invoicing. Everything you need is combined in one simple, integrated and effective solution. Now you know what's going on in your business. Always.

  • For Organizations - PayTraq is a simple yet effective cloud-based business suite for innovative organizations. All financial information and documents are securely stored in the cloud and available online. PayTraq lets you work and collaborate with your colleagues together in one place at any time. 

  • For Accountants - PayTraq is transforming the accounting business by connecting accountants and bookkeepers with their clients on a common platform. There is no need to transfer files and re-enter transactions. You and your clients work online with the same set of real-time data from anywhere.