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"This platform is very easy to use and intuitive. What used to take us 4 weeks can now be done in 2-3 days"

Strategic Sourcing Director, financial services company

"SelectHub has simplified our entire processleading to better requirements understanding, better buy-in from all stakeholders, and better selection of technology."

Rob Meilen, VP & CIO, Hunter Douglas

What's an active project?

An active project is a selection project or sourcing event that you are currently working on. The project will display a status of "Active". If you decide to "Pause", "Cancel" or "Complete" your project, it will no longer be activeand will not be counted as an active project in your account.

How do I pay after the free trial?

We accept credit cards for the monthly charges. If you would like help picking the right option, please email our sales dept. to set up a free consultation. Discounts apply to annual payments.

What happens to our data if we stop using the software?

You can backup and export your data as much as you want. Even so, SelectHub is a cloud based platform. Your data will be securely stored and available for years unless you decide to delete it.

Do you offer discounts to governments, educators and non-profits?

Yes. Government agencies, universities, and recognized non-profit organizations can take advantage of special pricing depending on the scope of use. Please email our sales department to find out more.

How do you protect our data?

SelectHub uses a combination of multi-tenancy, role-based access conrol and SSL-based encryption to ensure your data should only be accessed by you and parties you allow to access it. All data is based up and protected in secure ISO 27001 compliant facilities.

What happens after my trial?

You can opt for any subscription plan at any time during your trial. If you have not chosen a Corporate Plan during the trial period, you will automatically continue in the free Indivdual Plan. Don't worry, all of your work and project information will be preserved.

Do you have a non-hosted solution?

No. The functionality in the SelectHub platform can only be achieved economically in a cloud solution. We do offer fully-managed white labeled environments for eligible consulting partners and analyst firms. Please email our sales department for details.

How does training work?

The training is done online at a convenient time for you. Attendance is unlimited for you and your colleagues. We also have videos and regular basic training (free sessions) open to all. To find out more, email: [email protected]


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Prescriptive workflow includes built-in best practices
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Automated stakeholder management and priority tracking
Sourcing, including RFX processes
Request and manage demos and POCs
Manage purchase and contract negotiations

Start your SelectHub project now. All plans include unlimited users.

Best practice workflow guides you through requirements gathering to vendor shortlists and RFP processes.

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